I Loved All Of You So Much But I Have To Go Away Now…

I Loved All Of You So Much But I Have To Go Away Now…

And so it was, so long ago now, In the far distant past it was. I remember some of it, but it fades away, like fog covers it over as I get older, but I still see it, a cross on a hill. He came to save, He came full of Grace, Full of Love for us all, but we did not want it, and we did not want His message, we did not want any part of Him at all. And so it was concluded and over, and indeed He did go away.

As mankind slides ever deeper in the dark shadows of evil and eternal death, I can still hear this lonely voice, a voice calling into the wilderness, a lone cry that echoes down the caverns of time and space. It is still calling, only a whisper now, one can barely hear it in the noises of modern life.

Can anyone hear it? Can you hear it in the spirit winds? Winds that blow softly, silently almost, calling ever so gently, “Follow me, follow me.” Does anyone hear it? It is fading so fast now. Does anyone care?

Then some years ago another voice began to be heard. We need to forget the past, it said, getting louder and louder, “we have a golden future. We are all OK, you are OK, I am OK, everyone is OK, no fears”, do you hear it? It is loud now you know, “the OLD WAYS DON’T WORK ANYMORE.” The old religions have faded away into the far past, they are no longer relevant to us now. We need to reset ourselves, we need to redefine things, move along now. We need a GREAT RESET, a new religion, a new economy, a new world system. Come, come one and all…

We need to discard all of those old myths; these chains that bind us down, they were the product of damaged superstitious minds and we have evolved out of such lies…

The fogs of history are chains that bind us, and we need to cut the cords asunder, we need to free ourselves and become totally free, we are evolving ever upwards, and those old ways just don’t work now.

There is no such things as Satan, or demons, fallen ones. Those concepts and ideas are dangerous and those that hold them need to be silenced, and if not, we need to exterminate them, for they are in the way of our evolution.

Yet, if one would listen, listen to the sounds of silence, you can still hear “follow me, follow me. I Loved You So Much, I came to rescue all of you…”

So we all have a choice to make, which voice will you follow as the whispering of the spirit wind fades away into total silence and Grace is no more…


7 thoughts on “I Loved All Of You So Much But I Have To Go Away Now…

  1. Thank you so much, I need to be reminded I am not of this world, my home is soon coming. But hearing other Believers is such a help now in this dark place.


  2. Yes, this is happening now….further separation between the ones following and the ones not…mercy is still calling out to those who will come and follow in a last call movement…the ones looking for solution to the spiritual problem (in Babylon-America) via political means like the re-election of the current POTUS are being shaken now, as it looks rather dismal for them…the “sign” of the prayer in the name of a Hindu “god” by an apostate “pastor” calling for peace across the land and within the govt. was the official denial of Jesus Christ from within our government and the members within the chambers chose to accept this by willingly coexisting with it. There will now be no peace, but a curse and the coming of the sword upon all their heads who did nothing.
    MATTHEW 10:32-34…this applies to the one who spoke that so-called prayer of peace, as well as the rulers/leaders of Babylon who sat there putting up with it, now, coexisting with it and now wish to build back better….

    Hallowed be the NAME of our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, our redeemer, saviour and leader and friend.


    • Build back better just like 9 1 1. Isaiah. This is all so very sad and disheartening experience watching Babylon go down. I love my country, in spite of her many faults and sins. I have lived elsewhere and I know it was the best. So fast, making my head spin. Thanks for like mind.


  3. God’s word is the truth, and the fountain of love for all that accept him. God’s promises will substain all evil. I pray that an awaking will touch all before the door closes. Thank you Stewart for your teachings, and opening my eyes to Jesus. May the Lord protect you and your family. And bless Larry also.


  4. A verse the Lord gave me this morning….at least I believe it was the Lord:

    When the wicked spring as the grass, and when all the workers of iniquity do flourish; it is that they shall be destroyed for ever: (Ps 92:7)

    There is no hope in this world; only in Jesus Christ.

    Thank you for this blog post Stewart…right on target.

    God bless the LightGate team!

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  5. I love your writing Stewart…..So beautiful, so sad, and so very true.

    The best thing you ever said to me was “turn your back on this world and start turning back to the Lord and His pure word. Now I can hear the call so much better in the silence, in the word of God…

    Be still, and know that I am God: I will be exalted among the heathen, I will be exalted in the earth. (Ps 46:10)

    Thank you for all your admonitions and wisdom over all the years.

    I love you, even in my unregenerate heart, such as it is…


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