Best Flash Intel Update For 1-6-2021 – Babylon Is Fallen

Tonight On Night Shadows 1-6-2021 @ 7:00 PM CDT

The Illuminati Playbook Script, No Redress, Riots & Revolution

The Trump call to go to Washington to protest was a TRAP, a TRAP SET by Deep State as the communist playbook Rules For Radicals and the Illuminati protocols script is playing out before our eyes, and the American people, blind to all of it, and still under the spell of CV-19 witchcraft are likewise under the a delusion that prevents them from seeing what is being done to them. The communist, guilty of a REAL insurrection, and now saying the Trump supporters are guilty of insurrection.  The communist liars are bent upon tearing down Babylon. What you are also watching is a JUDGMENT from the Lord that is not going to stop until Babylon is destroyed. Antifa has infiltrated the Trump protests so any and all violence will be blamed upon Trump and his supporters. It has begun…