Best’s Intelligence Review Hour For 1-1-2021 – Matrix Prison Madness

Tonight On Night Shadows Radio For 1-1-2021 @ 7:00 PM CDT

Trump, Coup, War, China, Iran, Isaiah 17, Torah Codes, Sightings, UFO, Arrival and More…

Here we are in 2021, but what are we looking forward to? Will it be another year of doom and gloom as the RICH MEN lower the boom upon humanity and we go into the GREAT RESET, a cashless system of digital “wallets” where one must have THE MARK OF THE BEAST to buy or sell, a draconian “social credits system” where you are watched 24/7/365? Already the bankers are saying they need to monitor your website activities and if you visit places they do not approve of, they will “punish you” just as they do in China. More lockdowns and the destruction of the middle class? Or, are we going into riots and revolution, martial law and removal of our Constitution and Bill of rights? Or both? Will we see the ARRIVAL? Will the Age of Grace close in a moment of time? Are you worthy or ready to stand before Christ and more…


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