Best’s Intel Update For 12-30-2020 – As The Matrix Turns

Tonight On Night Shadows Radio For 12-30-2020 –

Torah Codes, Trump, Coup, Paranormal, Flu, Obama 44, Quake Swarms and more…

Tomorrow, 12-31-2020 has some odd connections to the numbers of the Lord, Obama and the rise of antichrist. America is on the brink of massive civil war, the counting of the electoral votes is on January 6th, and no matter who wins, civil unrest in in the offering as mighty Babylon struggles to survive. The rich men of the Earth and their spell over the world is still holding as the new CV-21 panic and fear mongering by major media continues unabated. Meanwhile two islands are under heavy earthquake swarms that could lead to massive tsunami inundations on the both coasts. Nashville evidence points to laser, microwave or other technology was used in an attempt to destroy the AT&T building and no one knows what Trump is up to, but implies he will remain in office and more…


1 thought on “Best’s Intel Update For 12-30-2020 – As The Matrix Turns

  1. Great informative show tonight, hats off to you both. To all out there , stay away from this VAXinE. Some people, even ones who know or have known the Lord and know his word are saying not to worry about it. WHAT, DON’T WORRY! The word says, whoever takes the mark will be put in the lake of fire that is reserved for the devil and his angels. wOw, I can’t believe my ears, but I do!
    On another topic, they are calling for a million man march on Washington DC on the 6th of Jan. To me it is a possible FF attack. Can you imagine the total Patriotic portion of the United States going there, past military men and women then all getting killed. Hey it’s a wonderful gesture but could be a death nail for this beautiful land. Pray about this and be careful.


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