There is always a reason why people are asked to do something by governmental forces, and Biden’s order that we are to wear a mask for 100 days is no exception. It also proves exactly who Biden is and how he is controlled by his communist masters.

The American sheeple, of course, will do almost anything they are told and wearing a useless and harmful mask is just one example. Everything the satanic forces that rule the world have asked the people to do lowers their immune systems and sets them up for a “kill shot” from some unknown but manufactured bioweapon designed to cull the “herd.”

Do you all remember MAY DAY? Exactly what is MAY 1, and why is it so important to the communists?

Boris Souvarine

The Communist First of May

Source: The Call, 29 April 1920, p. 5 (448 words)
Transcription: Ted Crawford
HTML Markup: Brian Reid

Since the foundation of the Communist International, containing all the revolutionary forces of the world proletariat, the international manifestation of May Day has taken on a character of working-class solidarity which it never possessed before.

Previously, when the Second International had resolved to choose the first day of May as the occasion to affirm the universal fraternity of the workers, the annual demonstration of the exploited of every country was a luminous symbol

In short, MAYDAY is a communist VICTORY DAY, and while presented as a victory to the exploited workers, in reality it is the OPPOSITE, it means MORE EXPLOITATION and TOTAL CONTROL over the working class. In 2020/2021 COVID-19 is the vehicle being used to bring in total control over the masses of the world. What is interesting is that on MAYDAY, the communist coup over America WILL BE COMPLETE, and victory assured. In other words, the total and complete but hidden controller of America WILL BE UNMASKED!

So what has that got to do with Biden and his 100 days of forced MASKED WEARING?  

Well it just so happens that Biden will be sworn in on January 20th. If we add 100 days to that date we come to MAY FIRST 2021. If you INCLUDE January 20th, the 100 days ends of April 30th, 2021. Either way, that appears to be the reason why the ELITE and SATANIC WORSHIPPERS have chosen 100 days of MANDATORY nation-wide MASK WEARING. Then the UNMASKING begins but it will be too late for Americans to stop it. May 1st also is when Beltane is over and is a high holy day for the occult. You might want to research Beltane for yourself.

And do not forget the rise of the Sanhedrin and the 7 Noahide laws. It is all coming together with the New Age “feminine ray” and the rise of Mary worship as the Papacy ascends and religions merge.

The masking of the American people is also an important satanic ritual discussed before. WAKE UP, for soon all will be LOST.