Best’s Intel Update For 12-23-2020 – Does the Great Conjunction Spell Trouble?

Tonight On Night Shadows 12-23-2020 @ 7:00 PM CDT

Trump, Deep State, China, Taiwan, Iran, Israel, Coup, 44, Obama’s Rise?

So here we are, tomorrow is Christmas Eve, a day most experts say that Christ was conceived by the Holy Ghost and was actually born in the Fall, most likely, they say, on the Feast of Trumpets, just as the STAR SIGN of 2017 portrayed  – in any event, it all points to the rescue mission of Jesus Christ for a humanity that has repeatedly said they don’t want to be rescued, they enjoy walking in darkness and trouble. And so it has been throughout the years as multitudes refuse to the come to the TRUE LIGHT of DIVINE AGAPE LOVE to have their deeds reproved and be saved. Alas, the “many” and the “few”. The Great Conjunction of 12-21-2020 was seen by many. Was it a warning for all? The nations appear to be getting ready for the GREAT CONFLICT coming soon. Israel, Syria, Iran, China, Russia, and Taiwan all appear to be hot spots, and earth changes keep going…