Best’s Intelligence Review Hour For 12-18-2020 – Black Clouds Coming Down

Tonight On Night Shadows 12-18-2020 @ 7:00 PM CDT

Trump, Coup, Election, China, North Korea, Arrival, Torah Codes And More…

So here we are in the closing days of December and things are both quiet and not. The dogs of war are still chained but barking loudly. Torah Codes show alien (fallen angel) manipulation of virus nanobot technology. Testing continues unabated, and folks are eager to get the jab. Censorship abounds as anyone who presents any form of warnings to all of this meets with censorship. We are watching Obama’s Ministry of Truth rising up right under our noses, but nary any recognition of what is going on. Babylon’s Fall. More and more “disclosure” on the UFO alien front and that means the ARRIVAL is getting close indeed, as Earth Changes go quiet and much more…


2 thoughts on “Best’s Intelligence Review Hour For 12-18-2020 – Black Clouds Coming Down

  1. 12/16/2020 in the afternoon a train went by our house laoded with military equipment, I would guess about 100 cars. We live between Topeka and Ft. Riley, home of the Big Red One. I have a picture if you are interested in seeing it. Never seen all this by rail before.


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