Best’s Intelligence Review Hour For 12-11-2020 – Darkness Falls & Isaiah 17

Tonight On Night Shadows For 12-11-2020 @ 7:00 PM CDT

Isaiah 17, The Arrival, Ascension, Solar Anomalies, Frequency, Fallen Ones, Virus, Military Alert

As we watch the world going into madness we should be bracing for more and more lockdowns, a huge push to get everyone vaccinated for something that may not even exist! WHY? What is behind this whole virus scam and why are ALL of the globalists behind all of this? Then, we have ever growing warnings on these new vaccines, while censorship of all negative remarks concerning all of this is being fully censored. Why don’t they want a full debate? Do not forget the Georgia Guidestones and a massive culling effort. Isiah 17 comes into view with new Iranian military moves, then more news on UFO-Alien disclosure, incoming cosmic waves, the Destroyer and frequency “ascensions” as we move into the NEW AGE also known as the NEW WORLD ORDER. The Sun is now awake right on time for a dangerous new Cycle 25 and more…


1 thought on “Best’s Intelligence Review Hour For 12-11-2020 – Darkness Falls & Isaiah 17

  1. Stewart and Patti, God is withholding the revealing of the “man of lawlessness” UNTIL His angels gather His remnant at the Lord’s coming. April 5, 2021, cometh! Giving Him the glory, JJ aka Lauren


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