Best’s Intel Flash Update For 12-8-2020 – BRACE YOURSELF, BRACE YOURSELF

Tonight On Night Shadows 12-8-2020 @ 7:00 PM CDT

SCOTUS Declines Trump Suits, Major Military Moves & Martial Law & Inbound CME

The Book Of Daniel is a neglected and very misunderstood prophecy of the latter days, and is a shadow of past events, but deals with modern nations and the United Nations and the rise of a communist world government. Read Psalm Two. because the leaders of the entire WORLD are involved, and NO ONE IS EXEMPT. Now that the Supreme Court has refused to do its sworn duty, all that is left is for Trump is to invoke the Insurrection Act and declare a full national emergency and martial law. But the targets may not the LEFT, but the RIGHT as the Bible says, and the American people are now, most likely, going to find out they have been utterly betrayed. I pray not, and that Trump will give Christians a further DELAY. It is actually going down by the Illuminati play book as global deep state makes their final moves for world domination. Trump has laid the groundwork over the last few years for a total military takeover of America-Babylon and more…