Best’s Intelligence Review Hour For 11-6-2020 – THE TWO HEADED SNAKE SCAM

Tonight On Night Shadows Radio 11-6-2020 @ 7:00 PM CST

Trump, Biden, Revolution, Illuminati Plans, Babylon Down, Fraud On All Sides

The New World Order marches on with its TWO HEADED SNAKE operation, and it has never mattered if you voted Republican or Democrat as your votes don’t matter to the ELITE who run all of this from behind the scenes. It has long been said by many leaders that some dark “power” behind the scenes is running everything by the power of their money. Deuteronomy 28 and Revelation 18 tells us the same thing, but because of apostasy and unbelief in the Bible, the American people are now headed for total slavery with lockdowns, Covid tracking, health tyranny and the Mark of the Beast system. The voting scam is a DIVERSION as the Global Deep State moves rapidly into the next phase under the guise of a second or third wave. A revolution is what the Illuminati have wanted in order to bring in full martial law, FEMA CAMPS and it may be that the voting fraud issue will be the instrument used  as calls are now coming out to FIGHT even if it goes HOT, and then it is over. God is bringing judgment to America along with a massive DELUSION and Babylon goes down into the dust of history. There is only one way out and the age of Grace is about over and more…