Best’s Intel Update For 10-14-2020 – Matrix Mayhem Building Towards Destruction

Night Shadows Radio 10-14-2020 @ 7:00 PM CT

CERN, Portals, Pole Shift, Earthquakes, Magma Rising, Wars, Threats Of War & More…

CERN, as we all know, is very occultist and is now going to run experiments using the highest powers ever used  in an effort to open portals beginning October 22, an 11:11. Pope calls for United Nations to rule the world, introducing us to the elite plans to bring the UN up to full global power. Tomorrow brings a huge exercise  for major earthquake drill that appears to be centered on the New Madrid fault zone, where major hot spots have been developed via the use of high tech weapons, and the same appears for California wild fires, as photographs show some for laser, microwave or particle beam weapons are being used to ignite the fires. Reports of new audios and documents that show Obama. Clinton, Biden and others were involved in high treason beginning to surface and more…


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