Finding Home –

A New Series From My Book


As usual, challenge anyone and everyone to prove all of this wrong. Your eternal destiny is at stake here.

Who Am I, What Am I, Why Am I Here, And What Is Truth?


What you are about to read is a truthful account of a long, long journey, an UNKNOWN JOURNEY to an UNKNOWN COUNTRY, that I undertook that lead me through the darkest of night to the brilliant light of TRUTH. From life as we all know it, to the pits of death and hell, and being rescued from it and taken to another dimension. A dimension beyond human understanding, a dimension far beyond the mind of man, a dimension that has to be revealed to the searching one by the Creator Himself. Not the truth of our human intellects, but rather the ultimate TRUTH behind the entire Universe we live in.

Not a truth we can grasp with our natural minds, for it is far beyond, far above our natural “carnal” minds we have inherited, but rather a truth very difficult to explain, but one that, when revealed, bring the beholder out of this world into another – a world that is hidden and veiled from us. A world so beautiful and wonderful no words can describe it.

There is another world out there, a world far beyond any of us could imagine. It resides in another dimension, unseen, hidden or veiled and unknown to humanity, although they have an inkling it does exist. Most would call it “heaven”.

Near death experiences have revealed another dimension is there, but are these experiences actually true or are they a deception or delusion of some type? Is the brain hardwired in such a way that these experiences are there just to make a death into oblivion more pleasant?

If we could pierce this veil of separation, a veil that divides us from this other spiritual dimension, then we could lay hold of the real truth of it,  not as something you just believe, or have faith in, but rather one that IS REVEALED TO US by the Creator of all of this.

Is there a Creator, or are we just an accident of chance, a product of some evolutionary “chance event”?

When the veil is opened and shown to us, all the questions we have ever had, have now or ever will have, will be answered in a small moment, a secret so profound, so deep that only the Creator can reveal it!

And when that moment comes, you will understand what LIFE HERE is all about, and you will then look at the world in a totally different way, and rise high above all the hubbub of religion, politics, theologies, philosophies, isms and sail the waves of the spirit.

It becomes apparent that anyone who REALLY WANTS TO FIND THE TRUTH they can and will – but if it just a half-hearted attempt, nothing will be revealed.

Why this is so, I have no clue. It is what it is.

Stewart C. Best

Stay tuned – more to follow – if you dare search the matter out!!


1 thought on “Finding Home –

  1. Oh Stewart, thank you for choosing this wonderful writing to share with the world, but mostly with those of us………..the little flock. Those of us who appreciate your God given talent to write and to spread the True Gospel in as many ways as can be imagined.

    I SO look forward to reading it again, one installment at a time.

    God bless you,
    until we go home….

    All my love, in Jesus ~ Denny


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