Best’s Intelligence Hour For 10-7-2020 – Glitches In The Matrix

Tonight On Night Shadows 10-7-2020 @ 7:00 PM CT

UFO, Hitler, Antarctica, Space Force, 4th Reich, Trump, Torah Codes and More…

Tonight, we will have Barry Roffman back and his Torah Code findings concerning Antarctica and the 4th Reich of the rich, and how they have been working with fallen angels to bring in their New World Order. The Torah codes indicate all of this is very real and not “tin foil hat” conspiracy thinking. The hidden forces working on all of this are about to spring their trap upon unsuspecting humanity. Warnings from Admiral Bird have gone unheeded. Findings of huge under-ice buildings with strange writings have also been found. Does this tie into the huge UFO found on the moon from which the movie series called Alien seemed to copy for their crashed alien ship? Also TRUMP and his bout with the so-called CV-19 and more…


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