The elite are obsessed with two main things: POPULATION REDUCTION and TOTAL CONTROL. The two items were solved basically with CV-19, the hoax of hoaxes to be followed by something far worse. Meanwhile, we have more and more “police incidents” where we find the police suddenly shooting black folks. Has anyone wondered why that is? Has anyone noticed that when things begin to die down a bit that another incident occurs to stoke the fires of racial tension, revolution and, as the Masons all say, “ORDO AB CHAO.”

I wonder if there is any connection with all of what is happening to MASONRY and their rebellious insistence that there is no KNOWABLE TRUTH whatsoever and therefore, because we cannot KNOW if there is a Creator or not, well, mankind is left to their fallen religions, philosophies, isms, concepts, bias, prejudices and such like.

That means that he whosoever is the richest, the most powerful, he/she that has the most gold, RULES.



Hence, we have power play after power play to not much avail, for this has been going on since the knowledge of good and evil invaded the human mind and all but shut it down to true reason, logic and true investigation. And so, the game is played, and played and played some more and all the players slide down the chute of VANITY and see the BIG RED SIGN that reads: ALL IS VANITY, YOU LOSE and slide into the Hell’s FIRE.

It is very interesting that humanity never seems to learn that something really is wrong here, but apparently cannot figure out the simplicity of it all and how to solve the problem.  So, they fight, they war, torture, kill, rape, murder, steal, and are totally lost. They invent all forms of religions, philosophies, isms and whatnot to explain what is not explainable unless one ventures beyond and above the prison house of spiritual darkness. Thus the Matrix Mayhem continues unabated, apparently, it seems, for ever and ever.

When viewed from afar, that is, when viewed through the glasses of the Divine Love of the undiscovered country, one shakes their head in wonderment and cannot fathom why more folks don’t escape the Matrix with all of its continuous bedlam. However, the Good Book, rejected almost by everyone for what it ACTUALLY SAYS about humanity, gathers dust in some remote not visited room. It alone gives answers that science has now confirmed, from the BIG BANG to the MULTIVERSE, to our UNIVERSE and the LOCKDOWN and the BIG PRISON HOUSE all the way down to our puny little selves and our BODY and MENTAL PRISON HOUSES. It is all about containment, for we are a virus, not unlike CV-19. All of humanity is infected, under strict quarantine.

There is a vaccine for this virus we all have, and it is not CV-19 from Master Bill Gates & Company. This vaccine does in fact cure humanities problem, but that vaccine is extremely difficult to lay hands upon and requires diligent  search to discover the one who can administer it, the Doctor of all Doctors, who, when approached, will not hesitate to inject you with DIVINE AGAPE. If you do not find Him while alive, the virus kills you and takes you down the slide to hell’s maelstrom from which you cannot ever escape.

The Masons claim earthly brilliance. It is a brilliance they do not really have but are under a STRONG DELUSION. There is no escape from the Matrix Prison via any religion or philosophy on Earth not even Christianity because it has been destroyed, but the escape route can be found even now in almost all modern translations.

Masonry, or “mystery”  is a religion despite all protests to the contrary. It is a religious and philosophical SOUP MIX taken from all other earthly religions and philosophies of the world, where the Mason takes from each concept and combines it all to be what is his own personal truth. Further, they claim there is no such thing as a PERSONAL ULTIMATE TRUTH at all, and that anyone who claims there is a liar and delusional.


That means Jesus Christ is a total liar and totally delusionary, because He said THERE WAS A KNOWABLE TRUTH, and that ANYONE COULD FIND IT THEY WANTED TO ENOUGH. It was all about desire to find it, and all one had to have was  an extreme desire, a hunger and a thirst, said Jesus. Most are more than willing to let such things alone, and go on their merry way to death and slide down the slide that says “Your life was vanity, you lose” and go to very bad place they all thought could not, and did not exist. To their horror, they find out it was waiting for them all the time. There they meet the OVERLORD who controls the Matrix, you know, that Old Serpent who deceives the whole world.

Laying hold of this ultimate truth was difficult, Jesus said, and that is WHY very few people ever find it. The REAL TRUTH is there, just waiting for anyone who wants to find it. It lies in another dimension, and humanity was given a connection to his Creator, and deep within his mental/soul construct is a GATE, a PORTAL to this UNDISCOVERED COUNTRY of LOVE beyond all language description. When you find it, you suddenly understand and KNOW absolutely that Jesus Christ was exactly who He said He was, and that the MATRIX IS A LIE, A DECEPTION, A DELUSION OF THE WORST KIND.

This is something Masonry will a NEVER DISCOVER, for they have cut off the only way to discover TRUTH. THIS WORLD is not what they think it is. THIS WORLD is a snare, a trap, and it will soon be sprung. First however, for reasons only known to God, Masonry will hold sway and lord it over humanity. Known as MYSTERY they will all perish in flames of fire in their attempt to bring in their long cherished New World Order. It is all VANITY, all for NAUGHT, for THIS WORLD, this EARTH is going to BURN as THE REAL LORD makes an ADJUSTMENT that humanity will not like.

Hence, Masonry’s delusion requires them to build their own earthly kingdom of a little god whom they will bow down to and worship, not realizing their puny little god was merely a temporary OVERLORD of the fallen Matrix, soon to be removed from his throne and the KING OF KINGS returns to claim what is rightfully His. It is all a matter of POWER, and the POWER of DIVINE LOVE is an awesome power indeed.


Everything you are seeing in this fallen Matrix is VANITY, a deception, a DIVERSION to keep you focused upon THIS WORLD and the things of this world. A diversion to keep you in the SNARE, to keep you OCCUPIED in THIS WORLD, so you fail to comprehend the DANGER you are in and the timeline of prophecy. The world is about to face the WRATH OF KHAN, aka SATAN. One might want to watch the Star Trek movies “The Wrath of Khan”, for in the end, Khan was destroyed. He destroyed himself via sheer hatred and just before he dies Khan says to Kirk, “From Hell’s heart I stab at thee…and for HATES SAKE, I SPIT MY LAST BREATH AT THEE…”


This is also the cry of the elite at they hiss the hiss of the snake at Jesus Christ. They have made their choices, and like the movie “Road to Perdition” it seems they KNOW they are hell bound and will make their last great effort to prevent Jesus Christ from taking over Earth. They do not care if billions of lives are lost in this last stand against Christ for it is merely considered “collateral damage” in a war that must be won at all cost. Satan loves pain, anguish and suffering. He feeds of fear and panic. He, like Khan, hates humanity with a hatred we cannot fathom. We are approaching the final end of the SPIRIT WAR and will soon discover that it has changed into a TURF WAR as well.

The arrogance, the haughtiness of fallen mankind is beyond imagination. To think that one could destroy their Creator, the one who gives them breath and life, the one who can dissolves any and all weapons, no matter how exotic in the twinkling of an eye, the one who can and will banish this revolt as a lightning flash and take all to a very bad place is beyond the pale. Yes, mankind is mentally ill but does not know it; is in deep rebellion against its Creator, but does not know that either. BLIND AND SPIRITUALLY DESTITUTE, humanity seeks a way out, ANY WAY OUT, and will do anything, invent anything so they do NOT have to PICK UP THEIR OWN CROSS, ENTER IN AND WALK THE WALK TO DEATH ONLY TO FIND TRUE LIFE.

Jesus told us that we are poor, blind, miserable and naked, and told us how to remedy our sickness of mind and spirit, to have a new white robe of love given to us in spite of who and what we are! It is ignored in favor of the “religion” we call Christianity, which has little truth left in it. There is no cross to pick up, no walk of tribulation and trial, no revelation of Divine Love, no judgment, no Godly repentance, no nothing. Beware, you have little time left to fight your way through to the TRUTH, who is JESUS CHRIST, who is DIVINE LOVE. Believe what Jesus commanded of you and do it. Pay no attention to the liars and fakes of the modern-day preachers, teachers and evangelists out there who do exactly what Christ and Peter warned us they would do – take millions of Christians to eternal ruin.

Let the Mason’s have their way. Let the New World Order come to the fore. Let the evil ones wax worse and worse. Let chaos reign, let the dogs of havoc be unleashed. Pay no mind to them, they made their choice. Let them dance with Hell Fire, for it is written that they would, and they will. Psalm Two must and will be fulfilled. The United Nations must and will rise up and humanity, for the vast majority, will also dance with the devil. It is WRITTEN and it MUST COME TO PASS.


Devers, TX

Let the arrival come. Let their satanic plans be unleashed. You cannot stop any of it, nor should you even try. This is not the time for anything but ESCAPING THE BURNING MATRIX. Let their games of CV-19 torture continue. You do not have to play their games. What is happening now is separation, a division. You can play their stupid and foolish little games, or you can divorce yourself from it all. Your choice.

Fret not, worry not. Do as Christ commanded. The elite want REVOLUTION, they want a draconian police state. They want to kill everyone that refuses their satanic wicked and evil ways. They want to brand you will their MARK of allegiance. It is their LAST STAND, and Jesus Christ will be the LAST MAN STANDING in this most epic of battles. Be a bystander, not a partaker, for it is all a DIVERSION, a TRICK, a SLIGHT OF HAND so you don’t escape the Matrix.  Don’t bite into their apple. Let Satan hiss at Jesus for we are now at the end of the age. The dye is cast, and we know the outcome.

Draw nigh unto Jesus and do as He commanded us all, that is to ENTER IN and FIND THE TRUTH. ASK, SEEK, KNOCK, STRIVE, LABOR, CONTINUE and lay hold of ETERNAL LIFE. Anyone can, all they have to do it WANT TO. Be not diverted from the QUEST to become an OVERCOMER. The time is now so very short. The Bride will soon be gone. The Plasma Rapture is coming and when it does, it will STOP THE PLANET. Beware…