Best’s Intel Update For 8-26-2020 – Matrix Mayhem & End Of the Age…

Tonight On Night Shadows Radio For 8-26-2020 @ 7:00 PM CT

Riots, Revolution, Guns, Laura Angry, Long Winter & UN Lockdowns Coming


So here we are, comatose Americans doing nothing about recalling or impeaching Communist governors, mayors and county officials. Right now, Wisconsin has a communist Governor doing nothing but adding fuel to the fires of revolution. However, the people voted him to power, so they have to eat the cake they made. But then we have hurricane Laura, and the word is it could easily become a CAT 5+ before landfall. It is headed directly towards our oil producing areas and if this continues to grow, we are in trouble as we are under JUDGMENT from the Lord on ALL FRONTS. Then we have what appears to be a polar vortex and cold/snow in some mountain areas. Expect a long, COLD winter, false flags, invasion, economic resets, lockdowns and more…





2 thoughts on “Best’s Intel Update For 8-26-2020 – Matrix Mayhem & End Of the Age…

  1. I look at the situation like this: Why WOULDN’T the luciferian psycopaths steal the election? NOTHING has been done to any of the mid to upper level demoncrats despite public knowledge of their unconstitutional (TREASONOUS) activities. Look at the looters and rioters – they too have nothing to fear because they will be released by like minded luciferians placed in power via the soros money. THERE ARE NO CONSEQUENCES TO THEIR ACTIONS….. So why wouldn’t they try and steal the election? Once they do, who is going to stop them?


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