You may have seen the Star Trek movie called the “Undiscovered Country”, and that country being one where “peace and security” can be achieved even among interstellar civilizations. It has always interested me that even in those movies that portray evolution in intergalactic alien species, far more advanced that mere humanity, we find constant warfare and “issues” that require solving. This appears to be a universal thing, but nowhere do we find a long-lasting peace and security or “safety” but instead, we find those forces that want to undo any peace and security issues and create war instead. Why is that?

Well, here on Earth we have the Yang/Yen symbol of eternal “duality” the constant war between good and evil spiritual forces.  It is portrayed as eternal; never ending, and the summation of all of this is that humanity can LEARN to release the “Good/Love Force” often called the CHRIST FORCE within. Through that method we exterminate the EVIL FORCE and “ascend” to the New Golden Age and become gods. Perhaps our space brothers will land here and help us achieve that, you know, guide our evolutionary ascension – or perhaps it is all a DELUSION. Do you think it might be a TRICK?


The Bible, long discarded as being useful for anything whatsoever (except burning in Portland), does speak of a STRANGE ARRIVAL and with it a STRONG DELUSION, of “entities” that land here on Earth to help poor humanity discover itself and reveal they are gods. Well, a delusion is a trick, a slight of hand, of getting one to embrace a lie that looks like the truth. Satan is clever that way, you know. He gets humanity to actually believe they can ascend to a higher level, leave off all of their fighting and wars, and achieve a Utopia under United Nations/alien control. The arrival not only confirms that we are climbing the evolutionary ladder to join the “Brotherhood of the Cosmos” but it also confirms that the Bible and Jesus Christ were essentially “full of it.”

But if this is actually true, as we are told it is, then why do all these movies portray a never-ending fight over this and that and possibly the other thing when these “beings” are so far advanced in everything one would think they may have put all of that aside, right?  Could it be that in this Universe, in this time-space continuum they all know there is no such thing? That something is wrong here but cannot admit it? Like the knowledge of Good and Evil?

Could it be that there really is a CHILDHOOD’S END? That this delusion is so strong that the last generation actually hands over their children to Satan? That the apostasy away from the truth becomes so strong that they actually believe Satan and his fallen ones are actually God and his angels?


However remote, it is possible that there really is an undiscovered country, a country that comrade Spock apparently did not discover, and now, at least for him, apparently, it is too late, as this undiscovered country is only offered to those who will leave the world behind, but NOT in some anti-gravity Enterprise Starship to go to places no man has gone before, but rather to ask, seek, knock, strive, labor and continue in the doctrines of Jesus Christ, who, absurd as it may sound, came into our Matrix and told us all about the Undiscovered Country.

Very few believed or believe now, anything He actually said concerning this and especially how to enter into it. Oh, they speak often of this far off place, but refuse the One who told us all about it.

However, if one will do as Christ commanded, one will DISCOVER the Undiscovered Country or LOVE and PEACE, of JOY unimaginable, a place where the knowledge of good and evil is replaced with DIVINE LOVE. A place where all of your “issues” vanish, a place that is very real, even more real than the most vivid of dreams!! We call it heaven. It is real, it is a place, and IT IS hidden, a secret, unknowable unless it is revealed by the Creator.

If you want to find it, then totally turn your back upon the fake preachers, teachers and evangelists and their Peter Pan fantasies. Their land is a real NEVER, NEVER HEAVEN LAND, with a real Captain Hook NAMED SATAN who is devouring millions of “wanna be” Christians with his wide gate and broad way. WAKE UP, “COME OUT OF HER, MY PEOPLE” rings in my ears.

GET REAL, BUCKLE DOWN, and search it out for yourself. I FOUND IT, and if I can find it, the Chief of sinners, then you can too. Meet your Maker NOW, while you are still alive and breathing, and settle this controversy Jesus has with Earth and its Earth Dwellers. Become a STRANGER, a SOJOURNER or else, you will DIE in your sins, a tragedy of all tragedies. Don’t be one of them. Find this UNDISCOVERED COUNTRY; you will not believe it even when it is shown to you!


This dualistic nature of mankind is an aberration, an anomaly. In heaven only LOVE CAN BE FOUND. LOVE IS ALL THERE IS IN THE END OF IT ALL. But it is a LOVE TYPE unknown to humanity, because we lost it at the fall. The UNDISCOVERED COUNTRY is a place of only DIVINE LOVE. Dualism is only temporary not eternal. Find Christ and you have discovered the UNDISCOVERED COUNTRY!

Don’t just believe in it, or have faith it exists, Jesus commanded us TO FIND IT, for it is IN HIM, and HIM ALONE. The knowledge of good and evil does not work well, and the story of humanity PROVES it does not work at all. WAKE UP, for the day is FAR SPENT, and NIGHT IS FALLING…