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Mike 444 is very critical of Trump – too much! So, you have to ask yourself – why? Because most of the Trump haters are part of the DeepState.



This comment related to a guy on YouTube that shares “prophecies” that are “from the Lord” or gives his own as the “Lord leads.” I had read part of a comment from Mike on Night Shadows regarding what appears to be a nuclear explosion of Trump Tower in New York City and that Trump would not be there when it happened. In other words, a false flag event and possibly fake “death of Trump.” Is this the fiery event others have foretold? This “event” is to unleash a series of other massive events that would destroy America-Babylon and bring in the New World Order.

The comment above deserves an answer, for what is coming a most clever deception. What is of interest is the remark that anyone who “hates” Trump must be part of Deep State, therefore ANTICHRIST in nature, which means that one cannot criticize or be against Trump even when giving a so-called “prophetic utterance”, rather a strong indictment of Mike 444. Does this mean that those prophecies that speak ill of Trump are all deep state antichrists?

Psalm Two clearly tells us that the Kings and Rulers, those that are in authority, with no exceptions listed, are in FACT ANTICHRIST, so much so that they set up a global conspiracy to get rid of anyone at all who is a Christian IN TRUTH. In order to accomplish such a world-wide hatred for the REAL TRUTH, one must slowly indoctrinate the masses of the world that CHRIST is in fact ANTICHRIST, and that ANTICHRIST is CHRIST, that is, a total reversal of the real truth.

The Bible warns about those who turn everything upside down, who present EVIL as GOOD, for they are going into a real fiery place, called eternal damnation. However, in order to accomplish such a feat, one must first of all gain control over mass media, and that includes newspapers, magazines, books, radio and TV and even the Church itself. You ridicule Christianity in mass media, and you also destroy the Church from within, a goal already accomplished. This causes the Church to fight back.

From within the Church you introduce the heresy that Christians must rise up to take dominion of the world for Christ and set up a CHRISTIAN WORLD ORDER. It is called “dominionism” and has a strong following among many Christians today. More and more Church leaders and making comments that the Church needs to rise up and “Make America Great Again.”  It is obvious that Donald J. Trump has been selected as their present “leader” and he must take back not only America but also the world for Christ.


The only problem is, nowhere in the Bible does it say that Christians are to rule the world in THIS AGE. In point of fact, the Bible says that the so-called “Church” grows into an ANTICHRIST LAMB BEAST MONSTER! Look it up for yourself in Revelation. Dominionism is a LIE. It is a deception of the worst kind. If it were true, then why does Christ come back and take THE CHURCH OUT OF THIS WORLD IN THE RAPTURE EVENT? If we are to rule the world IN THIS AGE, then there would be no such rapture teaching in the Bible. Further, the Bible teaches the TRUE CHRISTIAN is to have NOTHING TO DO WITH THE WORLD WHATSOEVER, and the TRUE CHRISTIAN is to turn their backs upon this WORLD and not to be engaged in any of it. They are to divorce themselves from this Earth and ASK, SEEK, KNOCK, STRIVE, LABOR for the TRUTH. Remember Jesus is NOT OF THIS WORLD, and therefore YOU ARE NOT. The true Christian is a STRANGER to this world, a sojourner, an alien to the world, and that is why the WORLD HATES THE TRUE CHRISTIAN.

2 Timothy 2:4

No man that warreth entangleth himself with the affairs of this life; that he may please him who hath chosen him to be a soldier.

2 Peter 2:20

20 For if after they have escaped the pollutions of the world through the knowledge of the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, they are again entangled therein, and overcome, the latter end is worse with them than the beginning.

Jesus Christ does not need CHRISTIANS to set up a world government for Him. He does not need our help. However, DEEP STATE DOES NEED DUMBED DOWN CHRISTIAN TO HELP SET UP THEIR ANTICHRIST NEW WORLD ORDER and thus the concepts of dominionism steps in. It was the fake church that brought Trump into office. It was the Church that pushed those numbers over the top.

This teaching of non-engagement has been discarded by Christians today who are heavily involved in politics, and that goes along with their false salvation doctrine. In Revelation they are called a FALLEN CHURCH, a worldly Church, deep into the things of this world, ad “know not” they are totally unsaved. That is Christianity today. It is now more of a political movement that a “saving church”. It is not only a TYPE of church, it is also the last Church of this age, just before the rapture of the Church.

Now let us say that Trump pulls a rabbit out of the hat and comes out on the other side of this CV-19 hoax and breaks the communist insurgency and emerges as a type of savior, a type of Messiah. If that should happen, then as KING OF BABYLON, HE WOULD BE LUCIFER, the fake LIGHT. That would mean that OBAMA WAS A DECOY, a deception.

If, on the other hand, Trump is REMOVED for some reason, and John Moore is saying, that on August 18th, there will be announcement that there will be no ELECTION on November 3rd, 2020. That will infuriate the far left and masses rioting would occur and that means FULL MARTIAL LAW. That is exactly what the Protocols said the game plan was for the New World Order. Once in place, the killing fields will be running deep with American blood.

However, all of this does not mean Trump remains in power. He could easily be removed, and many have had visions that Obama is coming back into power, not by election, but by some form of emergency powers. If so, Obama is LUCIFER, King of Babylon. Obama hates Christians, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, Guns and Bibles. He also says the OLD WAYS don’t work anymore. That means the Republic does not work, and that the people who too stupid to govern themselves and need a firm ruler, like Obama to undo the mess of self-rule.


Special Alert

“A private source is telling me that on Tuesday, August 18, 2020, there will be an announcement that there will not be a Presidential Election take place on Tuesday November 3rd 2020.

August 11, 2020

Ladies and Gentlemen,

In the alternative media, there’s plenty of speculation about the upcoming Presidential Election.

Following is my analysis of this matter the second week of August 2020:

1.) If President Trump allows the Election to move forward, our enemies (the Socialists, Communists, Muslims, Democrats) will cause sufficient civil disorder to either stop the election, or so compromise several large states that have the most Electors in the Electoral College that the election will be seen as being invalid. This civil disorder will result in hundreds of millions of dollars in property damage and an untold number of deaths.

2.) If President Trump acts to mitigate the civil disorder by stopping the election, the civil disorder might possibly be tens of millions dollars of property damage and far less loss of life.

I obviously believe the election will not take place in either scenario. However: if the President stops the election, he will most certainly also go after (with criminal indictments) any and all people, groups, organizations that have conspired to destroy our Republic.

It will be a long list.

Pray for President Trump. Pray for our Republic.

John Moore…”


The 18th is a 666 day. We wait, we watch. They are coming out into the open, and they must run the last half-mile naked for everyone to see who they really are, what their agenda is, and they know they cannot be stopped.

Now the Bible says the TARGETS are the Christians. It is repeated over and over again, and that evil men/women wax worse and worse. The targets are not the communists or far left. The REAL targets are the Christians and far right according to Psalm Two. Out of this massive war the New World Order emerges as Albert Pike’s WW3 says.

You, as a Christian, are to have only ONE CONCERN, and that is GETTING OUT OF THE MATRIX. It is not easy, it is hard. It is not a work, it is not a legalism. Nothing in THIS WORLD should be of your concern. Prepare for the worst, hope for the best, but always remember your home is not here, but in the Father’s House.

Remember that Hitler went after the communists FIRST. Then many others were added to the list as “enemies of the state.” It does not really matter which way this goes down you are not to be a part of it.

There is only ONE REAL KING: