Best’s Intelligence Review Hour For 7-31-2020 – BRACE YOURSELF

Tonight On Night Shadows 7-31-2020 @ 7:00 PM CT

Trump, Apostasy, Rapture, Israel, China, Russia, Prophecy, Babylon and More…

The actual facts don;t matter anymore – only the LIES are embraced!


Some older prophecies given in last few years are now coming totally true and will be reviewed because of what is happening in America Babylon right now and how the American people are comatose as to what is about to descend upon them. The darkness is now falling, the censorship is growing by leaps and bounds, lies and more lies concerning CV-19, masks, testing, vaccines are the leading to the Mark of the Beast. The American people are now bowing down and licking the boots of Satan. They are under a SPELL. God said He will pick their delusions! Warnings by His watchmen have been ignored. The cries of those “where is the promise of His coming and growing stronger. Those who say the rapture is near are mocked and ridiculed. Sound doctrine is tossed aside for lies. BRACE YOURSELF…




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