Most people have no idea as to why humanity needs to be saved in the first place and have no clue as to the foundational reasons of the WHY, let alone any clue as to HOW. To them, the story of Genesis is mythology and foolishness. This then is a primer on the REAL STORY behind that calls to “get saved” that we hear from the Christian perspective of things. Is there any real foundational truth behind these calls and if so, what is it?

So what I am going to do is offer up to the skeptics, the doubters, the mockers some proofs that no one can get around because they have been scientifically proven to be true over and over again. In fact, some of the best scientific minds, who were once atheistic in outlook changed their minds after probing the nature of the Universe and the intricate interwoven nature of it. The elite of the world KNOW we are in a PRISON HOUSE MATRIX. Science has proved it. They also know the trouble is coming and have spent billions if not trillions of dollars to ESCAPE THE MATRIX.

This is a journey only for those who have an inquiring mind and want like to look deeper into the Universe, its construction and would want to probe the mysteries of LIFE, and why we are here, and is there any purpose whatsoever to our existence. I will be excepting from three of my books as well in a last-ditch effort to warn all of humanity that something very bad is coming upon the human race and WHY it is coming.



What we are watching in the United States with the CV-19 and revolutionary Antifa, BLM UN & China riots that are growing worse every night is exactly what the Bible prophets of old said would come upon America. There is coming a long planned economic collapse as well, that will destroy “the old ways of doing things” to be replaced with a new digital currency, a global social credits system, total surveillance and total control. It is an “out with the old, and in with new” scenario long prophesied. It is here and the results, although promised as a utopia is anything but. The following is from my Ebook “WHAT IS TRUTH?”

The atheist says “there is no God” but actually believes in one – its name is “chance.” Just as the universe was created solely by chance, so it can be un-created in an instant by “chance.” In other words, life essentially has no meaning whatsoever – not really. Chance has no mercy, no compassion, no love, no hate, it just is. Vanity abounding. The atheist claims they are just facing reality. It is what it is, so to speak. WHO KNOWS, THEY MIGHT BE RIGHT – BUT THEN AGAIN…

The Moslem says “Allah” is God. The supreme ruler of creation. Anyone who does not believe in Allah is an infidel, worthy of death, a cancer upon the planet that needs to be destroyed. Hence anyone not believing should be, must be, and has to be, killed. Torture of course is good before death. The more torture, the more delight in the heart of Allah and his followers. Allah is TRUTH, all others are liars and deceivers. “Off with their heads.” WHO KNOWS, THEY MIGHT BE RIGHT, BUT THEN AGAIN…

The Christian claims that Jesus Christ is God. He is the creator that simply came to visit us. He is also the redeemer of a fallen humanity, a humanity deeply troubled by an innate cunning knowledge called good and evil. Hence because evil is an expansionary force, always moving, always probing, always seeking entrance into the minds of fallen mankind, we have wars, crimes, corruption, etc. that expands like leaven in a loaf of bread. The Christian says Jesus Christ is THE TRUTH. Many people have likewise been extinguished because they refused to accept that concept as well. WHO KNOWS, THEY MIGHT BE RIGHT, BUT THEN AGAIN…

Then of course, let us not leave out Judaism. They cannot stand the name Jesus Christ whatsoever, and would kill Christians who do not embrace “Jehovah” and reject Jesus Christ as “son of God” if they could get away with it, and soon will it seems. Hence we have wars, strife, divisions, and all the odd stuff the human brain can conjure up to get rid of their many and assorted “infidels” and “enemies”. WHO KNOWS, THEY MIGHT BE RIGHT, BUT THEN AGAIN…

And then of course we ought to mention the many “isms” out there. Communism, Marxism, Fabian Socialism, and all the other philosophies, theologies, and “isms” of that sort floating around out there invading the minds of men, taking root and forming “movements” and “wars” in which of course, millions have died over the centuries. Of course each was right, and each had “God on their side” as Bobby Dylan wrote in his diatribe song of the same name. WHO KNOWS, THEY MIGHT BE RIGHT, BUT THEN AGAIN…

It seems that thoughts like the above start as a small brook or stream, but as time goes on they become rivers, then torrents carving out huge ravines in the minds of man, becoming a “truth” to those who embrace it. Their thoughts run in these ravines, they cannot escape the walls created. They become totally blind to any other concept or thought.

Their truth becomes their motivation to kill the one who does not believe their “truth.” So it is what it is, but why? Have you ever stopped long enough to ask why? Have you ever looked up at the heavens and asked “why?” Why am I here? What is my purpose or is there any? WHAT IS TRUTH?


Tune in and you will find out!!