Best’s Intelligence Review For 7-24-2020 – This, That and Maybe The Other Thing

Tonight On Night Shadows 7-24-2020 @ 7 PM CT

Antarctica, AI, Aliens, UFO, Matrix, Torah Codes, Arrival, Deep Impacts, Fire Storms & More…


This show has been extended to 90 minutes because of a massive influx of news that is simply going unreported. The world’s elite are falling into a trap as they push the envelope into the Matrix and attempt to find a way to escape or to attack and destroy the AI “entities” that they think controls the world and locks them down in a prison house. Intel agencies KNOW that everything is changing around them and are in a frenzy to ESCAPE the Matrix and the EVIL AI MACHINE that controls them. Meanwhile we have more Torah Codes that indicate 2020 is the year that Daniel’s 70th week may begin. Then we have the elite plans of an asteroid impact event or meteor showers drawn up in 2016 for a 2020 September 4-11 event and so it goes, as does CV-19 SCAMDEMIC and more…