Earthquake Swam Alaska Night Shadows Tonight Urgent Broadcast at 7:00 PM CT – don’t miss it!

Earthquake Swam Alaska

Night Shadows Tonight Urgent Broadcast at 7:00 PM CT – don’t miss it!

As we just passed 7-21 (7777) and are now in 7-22 (11:11) this may be a heads up for the next five months.

Perryville, Alaska is in the middle of a huge earthquake swam that appears to be triggering a domino effect as now they are moving southward towards Vancouver and this may trigger quakes down through Seattle and southward.

There was a fellow who prophesied that Vancouver would suffer a major quake and its skyline would be changed forever, but also said there would be few if any casualties as it was a warning from the Lord that more would come if there was n repentance in the land.

What is also interesting about this swam as it appears to have triggered a series of earthquakes in Hawaii and that may trigger a landslide into the ocean resulting from a major tsunami that could strike the West Coast.








You may also remember that Stan Deyo had a vision concerning a meteor storm over the West Coast and that the volcanic chain suddenly all erupted. Are we watching the beginnings of trouble?


M 7.4 and Tsunami (1.26m) in United States on 22 Jul 2020 06:12 UTC

GDACS Alert based on “Tsunami” alerting modelPopulation Density near epicenter (people/km2). Image area: 6×4 decimal degrees (approx. 650x450km2).


This earthquake is expected to have a medium humanitarian impact based on the magnitude and the affected population and their vulnerability.

  • Earthquake Magnitude: M7.4
  • Depth: 13 Km
  • Event Date UTC: 22 Jul 2020 06:12
  • Exposed Population: Few people within 100km

Whether international humanitarian aid is needed must be decided by an expert.

See the GDACS website for live news coverage (including OCHA Situation Reports), the full earthquake report and tsunami report

For information on emergency response, please consult the GDACS Virtual OSOCC.

Also of note is that the Sun  shot off a huge PLASMA BUBBLE that is, according to the charts, headed for Earth and will be here in the next few days. That means we may have a PLASMA EVENT in the next few days.


Best’s Intel Flash Update For 7-22-2020 – Wars, Matrix, Quakes & More…

Trump, China, Turkey, Earth Changes, Antarctica, Matrix, Babylon Down, Wars & More…

Things are now moving so rapidly it is hard to keep up with all of the reports flooding in concerning wars and rumors of war, the coming second “wave”, the dangers of mandatory testing and vaccines. The elite want to change your DNA so they can patent YOU and that makes YOU their property as you are then irredeemable, and who knows just how evil the elite have become in their quest for a New World Order. Then we have a report concerning Antarctica and how the elite think we really are in a Matrix and they want to escape judgment and this report confirms the Bible. Alaska quakes and aftershocks are a prelude to major quakes in Canada and United States, Tu B’Av is August 4th, Obama’s birthday and more..




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  1. Great show as always! So glad I was able to “call in” and listen to you on BTR since Spectrum had been down for 20 HOURS!!! And then gave me 3 different excuses as to what the problem was. Makes one wonder what the heck they’re really up to out there in the Matrix.

    God bless you! Sure looking forward to Friday’s show about what’s going on in the Antactic, God willing of course.


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