Best’s Intelligence Review Hour For 7-17-2020 – Russia On The Move

Tonight On Night Shadows 7-17-2020 @ 7:00 PM CT

Wars & Rumors Of War, Russia On The Move? Bad Tidings For Humanity


The Book of Enoch informs us that as we close into the last days of this age, that the demonic forces in the world will stir up mankind into a war frenzy and humanity goes almost totally insane. We are watching this happen over the world as the CV-19 SPELL has been cast over humanity and they are bowing down to it. The ARRIVAL will finish the apex of the STRONG DELUSION, and many think the arrival is caused by a world war, and thus the fallen “entities” posing as God and His Angels show up to stop it all. With Russia now suddenly moving troops and military equipment into positions for a strike suggest that the drum beating of China will now take a new turn as Hong Kong is now theirs and our Navy may confront China. Not only that, but Israel and the USA appear to be provoking Iran into a war. This age within the Matrix is rapidly closing, and GRACE will soon be over. Torah Codes indicate an ARRIVAL may be much sooner than we think and more…




2 thoughts on “Best’s Intelligence Review Hour For 7-17-2020 – Russia On The Move

  1. Great point: “silencers” = “assassinations.”

    And yes, Stewart is correct, it was Celeste Solum who said the testing could give you the nano-particles; and, WHICH test did not matter, whether swab or otherwise.

    Great show! Thank you and God bless you all!


    • So when Trump got that first test done, he said it was terribly painful. Since then he’s remarked that he’s being tested all the time and Celeste also said these nano-particles were accumulative, changing the human DNA eventually. Wonder if they planted something in his brain for future activation, perhaps something other than a virus? Maybe he believes a lie.

      Great show as always. Really appreciated the word study too. ❤️ Thank you!

      BTR will not silence the truth.


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