Tonight On Night Shadows 7-15-2020 – @ 7:00 PM CT

Tonight On Night Shadows 7-15-2020 – @ 7:00 PM CT

CV-19, Cities Imploding, Lawlessness, Babylon, China, Israel, Trump and more…



America is about to enter changes that make her unrecognizable to those who were born in the 40’s and 50’s. The Bill of Rights has already been gutted, CV-19 has destroyed small business, families and is destroying children right under the noses of the parents who refuse to do anything to stop this utter foolishness. Their entire lives have been destroyed! Unless Americans go into mass civil disobedience, this nation will be lost forever, but of course the Lord says that Babylon will not be healed and is destroyed coast to coast. Meanwhile, China is beating upon its war drums, has already taken Hong Kong and is now moving to extend its outreach. Then we have WAR with Iran that not many are paying attention to, Bible Codes and more…


If you do not find out WHAT HE IS, you are in a world of HURT.




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