Best’s Intelligence Review For 7-10-2020 – Trouble In the Matrix

Tonight On Night Shadows 7-10-2020 @ 7PM CT

Trump, Israel, Iran, Syria, Bible Codes, Arrival and More…


So, here we are with more rumors of war in the Middle East at the same time there are more rumors of a China – American conflict. We also are entering a time of economic collapse, more stores are closing, more job losses, more lockdowns, more fake CV-19 data, and more sedition and treason. America/Babylon will not survive according to the Bible, and we will go down with a thud. Then we have Bible Codes, more paranormal sightings, UFO’s the world over, major earth changes and the list goes on. The MSM propaganda machine is going full blast to topple our Republic and usher in a communist United Nations New World Order. Precursor signs of the Destroyer’s approach are now everywhere as well as information on the rapture of the Bride of Christ and more…