Best’s Intel Briefing For 7-8-2020 – This, That, Bible Codes, And Who Knows What

Tonight On Night Shadows 7-8-2020 @ 7:00 PM CT

CV-19 Lies, Communist Coup, Trump, Mask Rituals, & Bible Codes…


It appears that the elite have been more right than wrong in their assessment of the American Public and marvel at how easy it was to steal away all of their rights. So, what is next? More lockdowns? Will the people refuse? Will they disobey or bow the knee to Satan and his minions? Time alone will tell. Then we have a new Bible Code that is most interesting, and it appears to imply an ARRIVAL may soon be coming, the final APEX of the Bible’s strong delusion for the world. The strong delusion for the Church has already fallen and continues on with its fake salvation gospel warned about by Christ and Peter. Then of course, earth changes abound around the world as the Destroyer closes in on us. Chaos reigns in our cities and confusion abounds. Of course, the meaning of Babylon means CONFUSION AND MORE…





Stop The World, I Want To Get Off

Stop The World, I Want To Get Off

As I read the various news headlines, I see a well planned out agenda as the communist UN advances the long awaited 4th Beast of Daniel, the ANTICHRIST SYSTEM that will rule the world just before Jesus Christ returns to take possession of the Earth.

Insanity and Orwellian doublespeak rule the satanic spirit winds, infecting the masses of the world with lies, and it is reflected in today’s headlines, where, if one is observant, one finds TARGETS that mass media is now demonizing and/or laying the groundwork their agenda. Here are just a few headlines:

“Churches Were Eager to Reopen. Now They Are a Major Source of Coronavirus Cases.”

Now anyone that has even one atom in their brain that is still spinning knows that this headline is designed to attack Jesus Christ and His Church. Nothing could be further from the truth. In the first place, not that many churches have “reopened” and of course were unconstitutionally closed in the first place. Those that did reopen did not have that many people come in anyway.

Notice the word “Major” in the headline. The word major is the key to this lie and why it is designed to point out how these nasty evil deplorable Christians are to blame for this “new spike.”


Definition of major

1 : greater in dignity, rank, importance, or interest one of the major poets

2 : greater in number, quantity, or extent


What’s the real truth here? First of all, THE PROTEST/RIOT numbers far outweighed any church attendance, secondly the people who protested did not practice any of the guidelines of the CDC and yet, with hundreds of thousands of people all packed together in the streets did not contribute to any spread of CV-19!! Amazing how all of this works. Remember that Satan is a liar and a murderer from the beginning and anyone who would write such a headline is a liar.

The object? Demonize the Christians. The persecution of Christians here in America is gaining speed rapidly. First demonize, then eliminate as “dangerous” for they are “enemies of the State.” It is coming rapidly. WAKE UP.


Fears coronavirus will spark brain damage ‘epidemic’ as even mild cases cause inflammation”

If you have a damaged brain, then obviously you should not own any firearm, right? Remember the Red Flag Laws? It was all about MENTAL HEALTH AND OWNING A GUN. If you were on this list, then the “authorities” could come and take your firearms, because you had “mental problems.” Remember the communist line? IF YOU WERE NOT A COMMUNIST, YOU WERE MENTALLY ILL. Having my tin-foil hat on this AM, I am inclined to see a UN operation here in the undercurrents.


“Brain problems linked to even mild virus infections: study”


So, there you have it. If you are ALIVE you have CV-19, and if you died, no matter how, you died from it and you are on a fast track to total mental dysfunction and Big Brother wants to help you. Masterful planning by the New World Order boys and girls, who went off the rails a long time ago, but it is what it is. Nurse Ratchet wants to make sure you behave, thus NO GUNS WHATSOEVER, only the United Nations Peacekeepers, you know, the ones who will soon be on our streets raping our women and killing those on the red list or the blue list or the purple list or the…

And this:

 “Texas Doctors Create Coronavirus Activity Risk Guide: ‘The Public Needs More Directed Guidance’”

You folks out there are SO STUPID and BRAIN DAMAGED that you need genius doctors like those of WHO, or the CDC and others to tell you the RISK FACTOR you are taking for even going outside because of a manufactured “Planned-Idiot-Demic”. Of course, they have been caught lying through their teeth so many times why does anyone believe any of this BS? This from Texas. Remember the Texas doctor who put the lie to the so-called OVERFLOWING HOSPITALS because of CV-19? He told us it was all a blatant LIE, and we know who the master of LIES really is, RIGHT? And now this is my last one, I promise, because I don’t want to totally ruin your day, and I need to go back to sleep and dream a dream where the world stopped and I was able to escape this total insane madness!


Remember what fascist Nazi communist Fauci said? Americans don’t like authority. If that is true then why are they paying any attention to any of this? What is needed is MASS CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE and RECALLS or IMPEACHMENTS, TRIALS AND EXECUTIONS FOR SEDITION AND TREASON AGAINST THE PEOPLE OF AMERICA. However, we know that will not happen.

“Americans will wear masks for ‘several years’ due to coronavirus: expert

By Fox News

July 6, 2020 | 10:25pm | Updated”

Notice the key word WILL. That means MANDATORY. So the elite are telegraphing to get ready for we are going to force you to wear an occult mask to carry out our occult ritual because of a “disease” with a kill rate less than .026, far less than the flu. Perhaps, however, the elite are correct that that the masses of the world and the USA really are that stupid, that insane, and thus need their UN BIG BROTHER.

So, it is what it is, and as Bill Clinton said, “it all depends upon what the definition of IS, IS”. Right now, the elite are writing the definitions, and if they are allowed to continue, bend over and kiss your butt GOODBY. So here is my last:



As for me, I searched out and found the REDEEMER, the only one who tells the real truth.


I did ASK, SEEK, KNOCK, and CONTINUED and just as He promised, I FOUND HIM. He called me by name and lead me out of the Matrix. His name is Jesus Christ, and I just want the world to stop so I can get off and vacate this totally insane world and more than anything else, I want YOU to do the same.

Do not be a dumb sheep that is lead to the slaughter. WAKE UP. Get off this INSANE WORLD and the SPIRIT AND THE BRIDE SAY “COME”!