In the Matrix, where everything is reversed and upside down, our 4th of July is a prime example of true Orwellian Double Speak. Indeed, this 4th of July proves how effective doublespeak is, as our illustrious President told everyone that we are a FREE PEOPLE, a people who love liberty and who love freedom and we need to be proud and thankful for the many that have fought and died to maintain those principles. Of course, now we have sold them and our children out as the American people cower before the CV-19 FRAUD and bow down to lick the boots of those who destroy us.

Meanwhile, those listening were still in LOCKDOWN MODE of one type or another, being ordered not to do this or that, having their lifelong business being destroyed, their careers ruined, their children being isolated, being told that must “social distance”, even to the point of putting circles on the pavement where each child must stay. You even see it in stores, and you get nasty looks if you don’t wear your mask.

Then we have the testing squads and even court ordered subpoenas in New York to FORCE testing upon   everyone which means if you refuse you end up being in contempt of court and therefore face jail time. Then we have threats of MANDATORY NATIONWIDE MASK WEARING, and of course let’s not forget MANDATORY VACCINES and proof of it by A MARK or you cannot function in society, and you all call this FREEDOM?

Are the vast majority of the American people totally INSANE at this point? Have you all gone MAD? Are you so apostate and so afraid that you bow the knee to someone like Fascist Nazi Fauci and Birx not knowing you are fulfilling Bible prophecy? Do you not at all recognize this communist coup?

So why are you celebrating your total destruction without a whimper? Actually I can tell you why – you are under JUDGMENT from the Lord because you mocked the VERY ONE who came into this Matrix to save you, educate you and warn you and you gave Him the finger and turned your back, and so now you have the curses of the Lord until you are totally and eternally DESTROYED.

There is no way out now for most of the American people. America actually crossed the line in the sand many years ago and now the end of their nation draws nigh at hand. Slaves to Satan, the God of This World, the Prince and Power of the air and loving all of it. You are under a SPELL America, a SPELL from which you will not awake from. You are asleep, under a curse for rank disobedience. Your clergy are nothing but LIARS and reprobates who deny and contradict the Lord that bought them, and you love to have it so. Is all of this TRUE? Could it be so?

The evidence of all of this says yes, and it is nationwide evidence. Indeed. just as George Orwell said would come, FREEDOM IS SLAVERY and you relish in it, oblivious to your TRUE STATE, just as you are oblivious to your TRUE FATE.

So, light off your fireworks and be happy and full of joy today as you celebrate your near TOTAL SLAVERY AND YOUR COMING DESTRUCTION. You are now tasting just the very beginning of what is to come upon you, AND YOU STILL REFUSE TO SEE THE TRUTH.