Best’s Intelligence Update For 7-1-2020 – Independence Day Dependence

On Night Shadows Tonight 7-1-2020 @ 7:00 PM CT

Communist Coup, Luna Eclipse, July 4, Babylon’s Trouble & Mass Insanity



So here we are, 3 days short of our Independence day, a Luna eclipse and mass protests and who knows what else is being planned for us by Deep State. They are mocking the Americans! We can pray that nothing happens at all and it will pass like “any other day” but the odds are against it.  Exactly why Americans are going to celebrate independence day when they have had all of their rights taken away and are in lockdown mode, is a good question we all need to ask. I wonder if what we are watching is Orwellian double-speak in action where independence is slavery? Where one is under the thumb of unconstitutional medical tyranny, but no one wants to admit what has happened? So, what are we independent from? Does anyone really know what REAL FREEDOM IS? We just pay lip service to everything and we are a hollow nation with hollow people, and Deep State knows that and now they know they can get away with anything they wish to do, which means round-ups, torture and death FEMA camps and there will be no protests whatsoever, or so it seems. There are no real convictions anymore, as it seems people appear to be in a comatose state of brain-dead fog and so it goes…