Best’s Intelligence Review Hour For 6-26-2020 – Doomsday Calendar & More

Tonight On Night Shadows 6-26-2020 @ 7:00 PM CT

Babylon Falls, Cosmic Waves, Earth Changes, Planet-X, Arrival, Yellowstone & More…


Major problems are ahead for mighty Babylon as riots, revolution, and destabilization begin to take hold. The economy is NOT recovering, and now reports of a 2nd CV-19 wave is spreading from China. Meanwhile it is reported that UN military vehicles are coming through our borders from Mexico and the timing seems to be tied directly to the riots and unrest to overthrow America, suggesting that the UN will use Article Seven to invade America in the near future. Then we had a radiation spike on 6-23 that was a cosmic wave event and those waves impact human emotions/moods, many times not for the good. It seems these cosmic ripples are increasing along with sightings near the Sun of a large planetary type object with other objects around it. A doomsday calendar surfaces for 2020 and we will discuss this along with other earth change events, UFO sightings and more…