Best’s Intelligence Review Hour For 6-19-2020 – Beware False Flag

On Night Shadows Tonight 6/19/2020 @ 7:00 PM CT

False Flags, Trump, India, China, Israel, Noahide Laws, Sun Disease, Earth Changes, Famine & More…


The time has now come to be sure one is covered by the Lord’s wings, as the world-wide communist NWO coup is now fully underway with the United Nations in the lead. They are making their move right now – and thus Americans face a very bleak future as they refused to do anything to prevent it – dubbing those that warned about all of this as conspiracy nuts. Well, the warnings have come true, and there is no way to stop what is happening because all the world leaders are all involved per Psalm Two and the Lord is allowing it as JUDGMENT for Christ rejection. We face a long, very hot summer where chaos and trouble will reign, and most people are totally unprepared and are in full denial. Food shortages will soon be back with a vengeance as we face a very deep solar minimum, higher UV radiation, erratic weather and more…




One might want to wake up out of their deep slumber, lest they be destroyed.