Best’s Intel Update For 6-18-2020 – The Other Thing, This and Maybe That

Trump, Deep State, Coup, India, China, Russia, Israel, Iran, Radiation, Sun Disease

It appears the Sun is going anomalous as it enters Cycle 25 and the UV ratings are going to be very high and dangerous to people who pay no attention to such things. At the same time of sun troubles, deep space radiation is on the upswing, and that causes mental “unrest” in many people all over the world, just as Cliff High and the “bots” said was going to happen back in 2017. Reports indicate it has arrived. Soon the radiation levels will be so high that it will be unsafe to go outside without protective clothing. At the same time, the volcanic activity is increasing the world over, earthquakes abound, weather is increasingly erratic causing crop loss, and the nations of the world are facing wars and food shortages. Bible codes indicate that Planet-X is getting close, and that a perfect storm of judgment is coming upon us for Christ rejection.