They say you must all be vaccinated because if you don’t get it, why then you are a danger to everyone and therefore you must be selfish and mean spirited to not get yours. After all, why don’t you want to protect your fellow citizens? Anyone who would does not want to protect their loved one, neighbors, community really has a problem with morals and ethical conduct AND IS A BAD MACHINE. Bad machines are usually put to rest in some junk pile somewhere.  

The point being that IF THESE VACCINES WORK, and they protect you from XYZ virus, and I come down with it, you are protected anyhow, right? So, if that is true, and we are constantly told it is by our illustrious leaders, why do you care because your PROTECTED.  I mean isn’t that WHAT EVERYONE IN LEADERSHIP IS TELLING US?  They work!! They PROTECT YOU. That is why you need it. PROTECTION. Sounds like a protection racket to me, you know, for X dollars a week we will make sure your shop is not destroyed by us. Is the vaccine industry a shakedown racket by the RICH MEN OF THE EARTH? Most likely, like everything else here on Earth.


But if that is true, and these vaccines really work, and they protect you, then why the push to make it UNIVERSAL? WHY? I know why, it is because they love you so much, they want to protect you. How sweet. Sounds like something sweet turtle dove Hillary would tell us at our re-education FEMA camp. It is already happening in Colorado with their new law that you need to be re-educated because you are one of those tin-foil hat anti-vaxers.

It defies all logic. If you are protected and I’m not I am absolutely of NO HARM TO YOU AT ALL if I come down with XYZ virus. Why does it have to be mandatory and universal if they work? Seems to me the “gentlemen” who profit from all this know perfectly well (proven in email disclosures), they don’t work all that well and they can cause much harm. And who knows what type of foul programmed nanobots are in there now?

Perhaps at the end of all of this it has nothing to do with any virus at all. Perhaps it goes much deeper than that. Perhaps what is really going on is a campaign of FEAR, a SPIRIT OF PANIC FOR A SINISTER PURPOSE. Like perhaps to FORCE THE MARK OF THE BEAST UPON HUMANITY. Perhaps the real reason for all of this is to merge you with AI and turn you into worker bee and change your DNA and make you a 5G computer nanobot body that complies with every directive of the Queen.

If you are not part of the HIVE, and you are out stealing nectar they think they own, you need to be punished. How dare you have your OWN OPINION. How dare you DISOBEY THE STATE. How dare you QUESTION US. How dare you depart from GROUP THINK.  Who do you think you are? WE DECIDE, WE RULE, YOU OBEY. PERIOD.

Satan is a LIAR and a MURDERER from the beginning. He is a MAGA controller. Perhaps under the red MAGA hat something sinister is lurking. After all, we have all been told that WE MUST TAKE THE VACCINE or we cannot re-enter society. With what’s going on in society now, why would anyone want to join back in? It might be a better idea to post haste remove one from the mayhem of the Matrix. Jesus Christ gave you the way out. It ain’t easy, but it works!!!


Now always remember the rules of the game when dealing with the State. “They Win, You Lose”. That is, unless the God Factor changes it.

Just a tin foil thought for the day, that’s all.