In spite of all the denials of his existence, he really is the ruler of Earth, the god of this world, and the prince and power of the spirit that rules over the children of disobedience. He considers them useful idiots, especially the Christians. The below are a few excerpts from the interview.

“They have no idea of my power over their minds, their lives, everything. The veil over their minds is so powerful that only a very few ever escape my grasp.” He smiled. “They love this world, and the things of this world, they struggle all the days of their troubled lives as I put up roadblock after roadblock in their way, job failures, sickness, accidents, mental confusion, mental chaos, job loss, all of it. Stupid is as stupid does. I hate them with a passion so deep because they took my planet away…”

“But I do bless those that serve me in my endeavors.  I bless them with great wealth, I promise them a golden future, leadership, positions of great power in the world,  power and wealth, and they can have anything they want, anything they desire. Any material blessing is theirs to have if they serve me. I own them, I own the kingdoms of this world and your leaders and rulers are the most deceived of all…”

“I have a million diversions to keep mankind in this world, so they don’t ask any questions concerning their lives. The last thing I want is to have them begin to look around and wonder what is really going on, so I keep them busy. Useful idiots. Totally stupid. However, once in awhile we do have those that will stop and inquire, and those we attempt to stop. If they persist, we pile on more troubles, more diversions, even more troubles, usually from their own families, their loved ones. If that doesn’t work, perhaps a job promotion or threat of job loss, sickness, an accident, anything that slows them down, scares them off.  We have millions of ways to stop them from their search for truth, but the most useful is to give them doubt, to tell them the way out is a lie…”

“The easiest way is to dangle some belief concept in front of them that appeals to their personality or tribal beliefs, you know, peer pressure. Get them to believe anything, have them put their faith in anything. It works. Humanity is so gullible they will believe almost anything and hold that to the day they die and then they find out they belong to me…”

“Diversions of any kind work the best. If a soul persists, well, we bring in the big guns to stop them. Anything whatsoever. Most quit; they can’t take the heat. I am vicious, and I will not give up, I love to murder them, lie to them, convince them their quest is futile. The way out of the matrix is hard. It scares people off.  I cannot stop them, however, for the way out is a protected pathway from the Creator. I can only divert them, throw all sorts of things at them, trouble their minds, get their focus off the way out…”

“I also have established a multitude of easy phony ways out, but they appear truthful and correct. Tell them heaven is their destination when in fact hell is. I snare the vast majority of humanity with all of my religions, and philosophies, or the things of this world like scientific research in all fields. They think they are advancing, but they are in a rapid decline. It’s easy to fool them, its like giving candy to a baby…”

“Christians? It was easy for me to destroy that message. I sent in my dupes, my angels of light to fabricate another gospel, a look alike but it steals them from Christ.  I made a mockery of Jesus Christ and what He commanded His followers to do. We were able to take the commands of Christ and totally destroy them and substitute another fake way”. Talk about useful idiots! Humanity does not want to hear about any negative stuff. They want promises, lies. They want smooth sayings. No way do they want to hear of hard sayings. They want an easy way to heaven, so I gave them a broad, easy way. That was easy, it is so easy I can’t believe how stupid they are…”

“You see, when they die, I have them. They go to a bad place because they did not understand what was really going on. They did not have eyes to see or ears to hear. Their dead to the Creator anyway and will not find eternal life for they refused the only way out.  I love to take them down, I hate Jesus Christ and I hate everything about what He did and who He is. I cannot assail His escape route he gave to mankind, but I can cover it over with lies and deceptions…”

“I remember taking Him up on a high mountain and showed him all the kingdoms of the world from the beginning to the end. They are mine and I will give them to anyone who bows the knee and kisses my foot. He would not. I hate him with such a deep hatred because He took my planet away and gave it to humanity. I want it back and I will use mankind to get it back.”

I will use humanity that He came to save as my shield in the coming final war. Right now I am using them to develop weapons of unheard of power. My angels will fight alongside mankind to keep this planet. It will be a fight to the death. I will defeat Jesus Christ and I will become THE MOST HIGH here and mankind will love and serve me and they will worship me forever. I will save them from this wretched creature they call Jesus Christ, for this planet is my planet, this is MINE and so are the people upon it. This is MY kingdom and I will not give it to another…”

The interview was cut off at this point as he got word of another soul who had entered into the strait gate and narrow way. As to what happened to that soul, well, I hope and pray that they kept on keeping on and never gave up and find their redeemer. And so it goes…