Best’s Intel Update For 6-10-202 – This & That & Possibly Something Else

Tonight On Night Shadows 6-10-2020 @ 7:00 PM CT

Trump Coup, Military, CV-19, WHO, CDC, UN, Protests, Flag Day, Obama


There appears to be a lull in the revolution to take down America, but this pause is only a short “cease fire” and now the so-called “protests” have died down somewhat, the CV-19 issue is coming back into focus. Never mind the totally insanity of all this, the American people are being lied to constantly, but they lap it up like a thirsty dog. We watched as Floyd was laid to rest in a golden coffin. The pomp and circumstance were fit for a King. Something is really wrong here and the reversal of things has all the markings of a communist operation. CV-19 was a communist UN operation under WHO. Then we have the riots and protest marches and once again the UN is deeply involved. Then we have the Floyd family writing a letter to the UN asking for UN intervention. It was said their lawyers wrote the letter. Does all of this have to do with the destruction of the largest USA flag ever made on June 2nd? Flag Day is June 14th? 12 days later or 6+6? And Obama is inserting himself in all of this. Should we wonder why all of this is going on?