Best’s Intelligence Review Hour For 6-5-2020 – Evil Comes This Way


Tonight On Night Shadows – 6-5-2020 @ 7:00 PM CT

Best’s Intelligence Review Hour For 6-5-2020 – Evil Comes This Way

Babylon Down, UN Take-down, Agenda, Communist Insurgency, Judgment, Torah Codes, Earth Changes, Pet Goat II, Prophecy & Rapture


Obama is to give another graduation speech tomorrow 6-6, and if it is anything like his speech on May 16th, it will be about CHANGE, and how the OLD WAYS DO NOT WORK. The communists are moving rapidly and even if this rioting appears to die off somewhat, then another false flag will come, and another and a another until the 4th Beast of Daniel is in full control over America-Babylon. Is Obama positioning himself to rise up when the call goes out? Are we watching the Lord telling the alert Church that the total fall of America is now here? That there will be no more delay? The next few weeks and months should tell us if we FALL NOW or recover and have further delay. Then we have the Torah Codes that tell us about America going into full Martial Law with General Milley in full command, along with an arrival! Earth Changes abound and more…