Satan is the great WAR LORD, the OVERLORD of the Matrix. One of his main tactics is to divert all of our attention from what he is really doing. Diversion is the real key that prevents folks from ever leaving the matrix and peoples lives within it. The diversions are plentiful, the last one is Covid-19, a sort of spiritual spider-web that has engulfed the world. It is spiritual you know.

Mainstream media is so full of Covid-19, along with the advertising media, one becomes nauseous. Well done, MSM. Covid-19 reminds one of the Bible and how Satan deceives the entire Earth! It was so easy to LOCKDOWN EVERYONE, STRIP THEM OF ALL OF THEIR RIGHTS, and now we watch as the elite keep them in fear and panic, even though it is economically going to DESTROY the middle class and all small businesses. Alas, that was the goal of it all in the first place. No middle class at the end the Good Book says. Only RICH and POOR. Last days prophecy fulfilled under the noses of apostate Christians and the world at large! Amazing!!

And then we have sheriff and police department chiefs and their officers who swore an oath to uphold the Bill of Rights and the Constitution as a whole violating it with glee as they have become devoid of thought, who are psychopaths, devoid of feeling, I AM JUST FOLLOWING ORDERS, they say.

If all of this does not awaken humanity to WHAT and HOW they are, nothing is going to. I have long thought that wars and now the coming tribulation ought to, I say ought to, REVEAL WHAT HUMANITY REALLY IS, a FALLEN RACE. The trouble is not outside, the trouble is INSIDE, in the HEART in the GREAT “I AM” that lies deep within. But who cares? Jesus does.

There is another LOCKDOWN coming. There is another contact tracing coming. There is another testing coming. There is another quarantine coming. There is another ISOLATION coming. It is not a second wave. It is not a third wave. It is called JUDGMENT FROM THE LORD.

It is the Lord’s Covid-19 that humanity should be worried about. It is the Lord’s Skull & Bones and 322 and Georgia Guidestones humanity needs to be concerned about. How so?

Well, The LOCKDOWN of the Lord’s is ETERNAL RUIN, ETERNAL LOSS. The Lord’s testing is the strait gate and narrow way. The Lord’s contact tracing is much more accurate and to the point. Who made contact with His Son, you know, that itinerant preacher back some years ago now that warned humanity something was wrong with them. Instead, of course, they crucified Him, not liking his message very much. So now the contact tracing deals with WHO MADE CONTACT WITH JESUS CHRIST and WHO DID NOT. No favorites here at all. Cold, and methodical, did it happen or not? If not, well trouble cometh this way.

The Lord’s Skull & Bones, His 322 and the Georgia Guidestones operates just like Freemasonries does. It is a CULLING OPERATION. It is called THE GREAT TRIBULATION. It has the identical outcome. The only difference appears to be that instead of one half billion people left alive, the Lord says that mankind becomes as rare as FINE GOLD, that is natural 99.99% pure gold, with is extremely rare.

There is an old saying that says, “What goes around comes around”. Global deep state should have thought about that before they released this NANOBOT culling operation. But alas, they did not, and will continue on in their insanity, and thus humanity now faces the Lord’s. Simple really. But oh well, beware the mirror image of COVID-19.








If folks really want to know about TRUE salvation, as opposed to the fake salvation perpetrated upon the world by the fake preachers, teachers, evangelists out there, one need only look to the BOOK OF JOHN. Within this book are the KEYS TO LIFE, DEATH AND HELL. John, of course, was the beloved apostle of Jesus Christ. It is a book that reveals a most hidden mystery, the mystery of all mysteries, and it shows us not only the nature of our Universe, but also WHY planet Earth is UNDER A TOTAL LOCKDOWN.


I have often thought that the lockdown of Covid-19 was a message from the Lord to show humanity that when Jesus said we were in LOCKDOWN, we were. That now with this CV-19 lockdown, it would show everyone, by example, the plight of humanity – a sort of symbolic parable, if you will. Few of course would recognize it as such.

In Chapter 17, and 17 means VICTORY, we find a little used verse of Scripture that reveals the truth of what is going on in Christianity today, and how Satan has so deceived the Church with “angels of light” that Paul warned about. It sorts of goes along with the concept of being blown about by every wind of doctrine.

17 These words spake Jesus, and lifted up his eyes to heaven, and said, Father, the hour is come; glorify thy Son, that thy Son also may glorify thee:

As thou hast given him power over all flesh, that he should give eternal life to as many as thou hast given him.

And this is life eternal, that they might know thee the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom thou hast sent.

I have glorified thee on the earth: I have finished the work which thou gavest me to do.


Now one must remember that this is JESUS CHRIST HIMSELF praying to the Father concerning His ministry on Earth to rescue humanity from a horrific fate that awaits them.

  1. Jesus Christ was given POWER OVER ALL OF HUMANITY. You will find that reference in Psalm Two and in many other places. That makes Jesus King of Kings. Humanity was not consulted concerning this, this is way above the paygrade of anyone of Earth. Either this statement of Jesus Christ is totally true, or it is totally false. Everyone has to decide.
  2. It is Jesus Christ THE PERSON that gives ETERNAL LIFE. A person receives eternal life at REBIRTH or REGENERATION.
  3. Jesus then goes on to EXPLAIN what He means by “eternal life.” ‘THIS IS LIFE ETERNAL”, that is Jesus is going to tell us EXACTLY what the definition of LIFE ETERNAL is, and we ought to pay very close attention to it.

The explanation of LIFE ETERNAL is this:

that they might know thee the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom thou hast sent.

So there you have it in a nutshell. THAT THEY, WHOM GOD THE FATHER SELECTED OUT OF HUMANITY MIGHT KNOW GOD THE FATHER AND JESUS CHRIST!! So now let’s take a look at the key word KNOW:





A prolonged form of a primary verb; to “know” (absolutely), in a great variety of applications and with many implications (as shown at left, with others not thus clearly expressed): – allow, be aware (of), feel, (have) known (-ledge), perceive, be resolved, can speak, be sure, understand.

Total KJV occurrences: 223

To boil this down, it means TO KNOW IN AN EXPERIENTIAL WAY, that is TO HAVE MET TOGETHER.

Kenneth S. Wuest, an expert in the Greek language, wrote a book called  “The New Testament – An Expanded Translation”, which shows us the real meanings  behind the words used, and gives us an expanded understanding of why the Holy Spirit used the language the way it was to be used, and this is also verified by many, many other verses of Scripture. This is how Weust translates it:


I have said, for the last 28 years or more, that this EXPERIENTIAL ENCOUNTER with Jesus Christ is what constitutes being BORN FROM ABOVE. Without it, one is LOST, and the proof is found in Matthew Chapter 7:

21 Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven.

22 Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works?

23 And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.

24 Therefore whosoever heareth these sayings of mine, and doeth them, I will liken him unto a wise man, which built his house upon a rock

Everyone wants to point to the Catholics, the Baptists, the Lutherans or whatever other denomination they can dream up. Others say these folks were insincere Christians and so the list goes on. As I have told you before, Jesus Christ TELLS YOU who He is rejecting – UNSAVED CHRISTIANS. How so?

He says to them one horrific statement: “I NEVER KNEW YOU”. The key word here is KNOW.





A prolonged form of a primary verb; to “know” (absolutely), in a great variety of applications and with many implications (as shown at left, with others not thus clearly expressed): – allow, be aware (of), feel, (have) known (-ledge), perceive, be resolved, can speak, be sure, understand.

Total KJV occurrences: 223

It is the same word that the Holy Spirit used in John 17.  Here is how Weust translates that passage:

“And I will declare, in a public announcement to them, I NEVER CAME TO KNOW YOU EXPERIENTALLY…”

All of this is now totally denied and railed against by modern Christians. It is an anathema to them, and as Satan always does, REVERSES everything, and thus the REAL TRUTH becomes A LIE, and the LIE becomes the TRUTH. Peter told us this was going to happen, and that the WAY OF THE TRUTH would be evil spoken of. Jesus gave us only ONJE WAY, and only ONE ENTRANCE into that way.

13 Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat:

14 Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.

15 Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.

One final question to you all: Why DOES Jesus warn of FALSE PROHETS immediately after telling you to enter in at the Strait Gate and WALK the narrow way unto life? What life? ETERNAL LIFE, just as John said in John 17!!

Jesus said that not everyone who says “Lord, Lord” wIll be saved, but rather those that do THE WILL OF THE FATHER IN HEAVEN”

21 Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven.


What in the world is that? We find that in John:

John 6:38-40)

38 For I came down from heaven, not to do mine own will, but the will of him that sent me.

39 And this is the Father’s will which hath sent me, that of all which he hath given me I should lose nothing, but should raise it up again at the last day.

40 And this is the will of him that sent me, that every one which seeth the Son, and believeth on him, may have everlasting life: and I will raise him up at the last day.


The key word here is SEETH THE SON. It is tied directly to the word KNOW. It means to have THE SON REVEALED TO THE BELIEVER:





From a derivative of G2300 (perhaps by adverb of G3708); to be a spectator of, that is, discern, (literally, figuratively [experience] or intensively [acknowledge]): – behold, consider, look on, perceive, see. Compare G3700.

Total KJV occurrences: 57

Let’s quit playing games here and get to where the RUBBER HITS THE ROAD. It means EXACTLY WHAT IT SAYS  that you are to come to an EXPERIENTIAL KNOWLEDGE OF THE HIDDEN MYSTERY BY DIRECT REVELATION!! To refuse this is to refuse the GRACE OF JESUS CHRIST, WHO BROUGHT WITH HIM THE STRAIT GATE and NARROW WAY.

This what Paul said concerning this revelation of the Mystery, to those who are chasing after Paul, now known as Pauline followers, another wind of false doctrine:

Colossians 2:1-3

2 For I would that ye knew what great conflict I have for you, and for them at Laodicea, and for as many as have not seen my face in the flesh;

That their hearts might be comforted, being knit together in love, and unto all riches of the full assurance of understanding, to the acknowledgement of the mystery of God, and of the Father, and of Christ;

In whom are hid all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.

So here it is. A HIDDEN MYSTERY that the Christians are to COME TO AN ACKNOWLEDGMENT OF THE MYSTERY.





From G1921; recognition, that is, (by implication) full discernment, acknowledgement: – (ac-) knowledge (-ing, -ment).

Total KJV occurrences: 20

To acknowledge the MYSTERY, or that which is HIDDEN BY GOD, must also be REVEALED BY GOD.

Satan has thrown everything he can at those who bring forward what Scripture SAYS, instead of Satan who attempts to TWIST and PERVERT the clear and plain words of the Bible. “Yea, hath God said?” It worked on Eve and it is working on MILLIONS OF CHRISTIANS TODAY.

They say today “God did not say that”, or “God did not mean that”, or whatever other form of DENIAL anyone wants to dream up. My reply: HAVE IT YOUR WAY, BUT WHEN YOU PERISH, YOU WILL KNOW THAT THOSE WORDS OF THE LORD WERE TOTALLY TRUE, TOTALLY ACCURATE AND MEANT EXACTLY WHAT THEY SAID THEY MEANT. Revelation 3:17 – there’s that number 17 again.

17 Because thou sayest, I am rich, and increased with goods, and have need of nothing; and knowest not that thou art wretched, and miserable, and poor, and blind, and naked:






A primary verb; used only in certain past tenses, the others being borrowed from the equivalent, G3700 and G3708; properly to see (literally or figuratively); by implication (in the perfect only) to know: – be aware, behold, X can (+ not tell), consider, (have) known (-ledge), look (on), perceive, see, be sure, tell, understand, wist, wot. Compare G3700.

Total KJV occurrences: 664

Same word actually, means the same thing – these poor folks have no knowledge that they are UNSAVED, that they are in a delusion, a deception of the worst type. Having REJECTED the warning of Jesus as to THE CHRISTIAN WOLVES, they are totally deceived, following the pied pipers of Christendom! To those damned Christians, who cling to their beliefs, there is no remedy. Never was, never will be unless they repent. It is so sad to see, so sad to watch. It never had to be. BOW THE KNEE, ENTER IN, WALK THE WALK, perhaps the Lord of Heaven will hear thee even at this late hour…





Steve Fletcher has produced an interesting concept that appears at first to be totally against modern prophetic interpretation, but I remember a book written by a university professor at Bethel University in Minneapolis, Minnesota, who insisted we were reading Daniel’s timeline wrong, and that the 1260, 1290 and 1335 time periods had to all be added together because of the actual words of Daniel. Put another way, it was not 7 years it was closer to 10 years in length that has to be categorized as “THE END OF DAYS.”

I will get into that, but because of what Jesus said to us concerning THE FIRST SHALL BE LAST and the LAST SHALL BE FIRST, perhaps we are misreading what that actually means as well.

Luke 13:29-31

29 And they shall come from the east, and from the west, and from the north, and from the south, and shall sit down in the kingdom of God.

30 And, behold, there are last which shall be first, and there are first which shall be last.

Israel was FIRST, and all of the covenants that the Lord made with Israel (Davidic & Abrahamic) occurred long before the Church Age, thus, Israel is FIRST. It should also be noticed that these covenants are EARTHLY COVENANTS, that is, they pertain to THIS WORLD.

Next came THE CHURCH, which came in LAST, and their covenants were HEAVENLY covenants, and the “Return Covenant” is the promise of Jesus to return to get His Church at the end of the Church Age.

Thus, the Church, which is LAST, will be REMOVED FIRST. The LAST (CHURCH), SHALL BE FIRST, and the FIRST (ISRAEL) shall be LAST, and that is confirmed in many, many ways. “So what, we knew that already…” Do we really realize what that might mean, sort of a CODE for something else that few might ponder. What IF that means that Daniel’s TIME-LINE runs twice? One timeline for the Church, WHO IS FIRST, and ONE TIMELINE FOR ISRAEL WHO IS LAST?

In other words, might we see EVENTS take place that would FULFILL the timeline FOR THE CHURCH that no one is seeing or looking for, and only those looking for them would see these events taking place? Remember Jesus told us that A REAL BLESSING is given to those “WATCHING?”

EVENTS FOR THE “CHURCH” to warn those watching that the end was coming, and FEW would see them for what they were. These sorts of signs would be pointing at ANTICHRIST but virtually no one would see them for what they were, because the rise of antichrist is by STEALTH and DECEPTION. Those that did recognize him rising and warn the apostate church and world would be scoffed and laughed at.

This timeline would then happen OVER AGAIN for ISRAEL, and those EVENTS would wake up those in Israel and signal to them ITS BASICALLY OVER, the time of Jacob’s Trouble is now “upon you”. Or, might there be a DOUBLE REFERENCE that would only be noticed AFTER THE “RETURN COVENANT” WAS OVER. So here we go, and it is very interesting.

Many Christians have been shown that Obama was the “man of sin.” I was one of them. In a vivid dream I was teaching PROPHECY to a group of people in a large room. I have no idea where I was as to the physical location, nor do I ask anyone to believe it came from the Lord. In this dream, Obama walked into the room and walked over to me. He had a big smile, and was very pleasant to me. I said to him, “You know you’re LUCIFER, don’t you?” He smiled, nodded his head and said “Yes, I know.” Then I woke up, end of dream.

Other watching Christians have been told the same thing. Obama is ANTICHRIST. But are these dreams/visions true? No one knows as of yet. Now to Steve Fletcher and his newest speculation. It is interesting because of the aforementioned discussion.


STEP ONE – Obama and the Nobel Peace Prize, awarded in Oslo, October 9th, 2009. This just happened to be the 7th day of Tabernacles – “God With Us” is the theme of Tabernacles and is the Feast in which Jesus revealed Himself to Israel, but they did not accept it.

To a few Christians, this was the FIRST CLUE as to who Obama really was”

Remember that ANTICHRIST also means IN PLACE OF CHRIST, as well as AGAINST CHRIST. This goes back to Psalm Two and the satanic wars as to who is going to rule over Earth.

ANTICHRIST comes in as a PEACE MAKER, and according to Daniel “by peace he destroys many.” Obama was hailed as THE MESSIAH by very important people in Media. So, true or not: MESSIAH = PEACEMAKER, being REVEALED TO THOSE WATCHING.

What was the COVENANT with the world masses? Obama was going to bring in WORLD PEACE. He gave a speech about that and made many promises.

So, let’s call this BASELINE ZERO for Daniel’s 1260, 1290 and 1335 as it pertains TO THE CHURCH. In other words, the Lord is revealing things to those watching CHRISTIANS. No one else is paying attention. Obama will save the world.


Now we come to STEP TWO – we add 1260 days to find out if Obama gives us ANOTHER CLUE as to his identity. Indeed, he gave us a GIGANTIC CLUE. Now if you add up 1+2+6 = 9. Nine means DIVINE COMPLETENESS. This is where it gets really interesting


Here is Obama in the MOST HOLY PLACE, or we could say THE CHRISTIANS HOLY OF HOLIES on a very specific and most likely chosen date March 22, 2013. First of all, March 22 is a 322 – the very number of the SKULL AND BONES, and the very date in which the Georgia Guidestones were dedicated, both of which signify MASSIVE KILLINGS and that is what antichrist is good at.

The Grotto is the BIRTHPLACE of our Lord, Jesus Christ, and as such would be considered a most Holy Place on Earth for Christians. So those watching Obama claimed he was “standing where he ought not” and thus, further evidence of who Obama really is.


Was this act THE ABOMINATION OF DESOLATION for the Christians? It certainly is suspect to the say the least, knowing how the Lord uses CODED “SECRET” THINGS that only those watching would understand that something was going on here.

So what was March 22nd on Israel’s calendar? Nisan 11, 5773.  Thus we have 5+7+7+3+1+1 = 24 or COMPLETE. Was this THE REVELATION CLUE #2 as to who Obama is?

So to consolidate this:


Remember that when Jesus was speaking about the ABOMINATION He was speaking of the HOLY OF HOLY in the TEMPLE, which would mean something to Israel, but the Church’s Holy Place could well be the GROTTO – in other words, a CODED MESSAGE so that BOTH CHRISTIANS & ISRAEL EACH HAVE THEIR “REVELATION”. Here it is in Matthew

14 And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come.

15 When ye therefore shall see the abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet, stand in the holy place, (whoso readeth, let him understand:)

16 Then let them which be in Judaea flee into the mountains:

17 Let him which is on the housetop not come down to take any thing out of his house:

18 Neither let him which is in the field return back to take his clothes.

19 And woe unto them that are with child, and to them that give suck in those days!

20 But pray ye that your flight be not in the winter, neither on the sabbath day:

21 For then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be.

Interesting reading. Antichrist sets something up and PLACES IT in the Holy of Holies, obviously a mimic of the Ark of the Covenant. Exactly what this is remains to be seen, but it may well have something to do with AI and some form of holographic image.  The point being that this is “Israel’s REVELATION” Most believe that this is ANTCHRIST standing in the Holy of Holies of the new temple. Time will tell.

STEP THREE – adding 1290 days to March 22, 2013, and we come to the FEAST OF TRUMPETS (again a sign for Israel, for these are FEAST DAYS GIVEN TO ISRAEL by the Lord Himself, and they are to keep those days. The question would then be why does this fall upon a FEAST OF TRUMPETS, and further, where was Obama on this date. He was at the White House and gave his last Feast Of Trumpets speech. He had just returned from Israel and the funeral of Shimon Perez.



Read the transcript:

Shalom everybody, and Shana Tova. As they have for thousands of years, the High Holidays mark the beginning of a season of renewal – and also of reflection. An opportunity to start over, as well as an obligation to look back with humility.

From the moment the Book of Life is opened on Rosh Hashanah until the gates are closed at the end of Yom Kippur, Jews in the United States, Israel, and around the world will ask family, friends, and neighbors for that which only they can give: forgiveness for the ways we’ve all fallen short. It’s also a time to ask God for that which only He can give: His compassion and mercy, and His will to inscribe us for a good year.

Just as important, the Days of Awe are a time to ask of ourselves something only we can control: the strength to do better. To be better. To make the world we live in a kinder, more peaceful place. To hear in the sacred shofar blast a call from within to change.

For me personally, my last Rosh Hashanah in the White House is a chance to reflect on the great privilege I’ve had as President to work closely with the Jewish community. To speak at synagogues here in the United States and abroad.  To place a private prayer in the ancient cracks of the Kotel.  To retell the timeless story of the Exodus at our annual White House Seders. And to walk through Buchenwald with Elie Wiesel, meet with young Israelis in Jerusalem, and present the Medal of Freedom to Shimon Peres.

While we have accomplished much together in the last seven and a half years, much work remains – as it always does. But that’s what the Jewish New Year reminds us: that our job is never done. It’s an honor for my family to wish yours another sweet year full of hope, health, and happiness. Shanah Tovah!”

Does this mean anything? It just seems a bit odd that these numbers fall where they do – with Obama more or less center stage. Especially a message to Israel.


Next, we must travel from October 2,3, 2016 and add in 1335 days – and that lands upon the FEAST OF PENTECOST, MAY 30-31!! Remember where it says that blessed are those who wait until the 1335st day? Pentecost was when the Church Age actually began, and it could END on a Pentecost. Many argue that it could, we have to wait and see.



It is interesting that if we add all of this together – that is, 1260+1290+1335 it adds up to 3885 days which is a code 888 and 888 (8-8-and 3+5=8 or 888), which means THE FIRST RESURRECTION SAINTS, or we could say FIRST FRUITS, in other words, those who are considered “worthy” to stand before the Son of Man and ESCAPE all of these things that are to come upon the WHOLE EARTH. So, are we being told something that is an exclusive message to the CHRISTIAN SAINTS? After all, the Church came in LAST, but goes out FIRST, hence the FIRST CLUES would be given to the Church and would pertain to THE CHURCH ONLY, because it is they who have watched and waited patiently for their Lord’s Return and to rapture them out, thus, THEY ESCAPE.

While many argue that the Church is not separate from Israel, but is the branch grafted in, there is no question the Lord totally considers the Church as a separate entity and her covenants are HEAVENLY, not EARTHLY. There is no comparison between the two, for THE CHURCH embraced and accepted Jesus Christ while Israel totally rejected Him. Therefore, the SIGNS of who ANTI-MESSIAH was would be recognized FIRST by the Christians who were really watching.

It is an interesting concept, but let’s dig a little deeper into this and you may remember the rabbinic prophecy (some claim to be totally false), that said that Israel would go a long time with NO GOVERNMENT (they have), and then when one was officially formed ratified, that on the next sabbath day that Israel’s Messiah would be revealed, the one that the Church knows is ANTICHRIST,  If indeed Obama is the antichrist and no one knows if this is true or not, then how might he be REVEALED to the Church FIRST? Israel is looking for Messiah!




The 13th  of May officially forms the Government. On 5-13-2020 or 5+1+3+2+2 = 13, the number of rebellion, and Israel is in DEEP REBELLION. It says that on the NEXT SABBATH that their MESSIAH will be revealed.

It is interesting then, that the next sabbath is May 16th, exactly 3 days later from Israel’s official government formation that Obama will deliver a speech to all graduates of America in a SPECIAL BROADCAST to go out to the world on ALL MAJOR TV NETWORKS starting at 8:00 PM EDT. Could this be the revelation of who Obama really is to those in the Church who are WATCHING? Do we have a double headed coin here – on one side of the coin is Obama, and on the other side Trump? One good cop and one bad cop, but both COPS? Are we being shown the knowledge of good and evil in these two leaders? Sort of like the two headed snake?


Now 5-16-2020 is an interesting date. 5+1+6+2+2 = 16! 16 means LOVE, in this case the counterfeit LOVE of ANTICHRIST . From Obama’s position, the Communist coup against America has been a total success. the comatose American public, who still have NO CLUE, even though every right that has been stripped, and most are still under severe LOCKDOWN. Covid-19 was simply the tool used to finally GUT THE CONSTITUTION!! They still have NO CLUE.

The question is, why is Obama being given the airtime on ALL MAJOR TV NETWORKS when in fact these same networks will not give Trump the time of day? Who is Obama? Will he come back to rule the world? Most people laugh and scoff at the concept. But there are a number of ways it could happen, all of them legal.


Sixteen days later from Obama’s speech is Pentecost. Sixteen (16) is the Biblical number that means LOVE as we said. The numbers are interesting. There are 14 days IN BETWEEN those two dates, as 14 is the number for SALVATION. It was pointed out by Steve Fletcher that from Obama’s speech that 80 days later in August 4th. August 4th, 2020 is Tu’B’Av, the little-known feast that surely represents Jesus coming to select out His Bride.


Fletcher points out that 80 days is the number of days that a woman who gives birth to a girl must have 80 days of “purification” before she is “clean.” Would antichrist be considered in the feminine? Fletcher says yes!!

All of this is very interesting, and as usual, we wait, we watch and we pray always that we be found worthy to STAND BEFORE THE SON OF MAN and ESCAPE all of these things that are to come upon the world.

Food for thought. Speculation. Jesus said to watch, to be alert, not to be asleep at the switch. And as Colombo would say: “one last thing”:


WE REMEMBER (Nimrod Remembers how God destroyed the world WITH A FLOOD.

WE REBULD – (You attempted to destroy us, but we REBUILD)




Steve Fletcher says that ANTICHRIST is considered feminine, and above the name Obama used on his passport means “SCORPION GODDESS of the DAWN”. Lucifer’s name is MORNING STAR, that SHINES BRIGHTLY AT DAWN!!! The destruction of the TWIN TOWERS is all about DNA and the introduction of human hybrids, hence NANOBOTS, and Bill Gate’s MARK OF THE BEAST VACCINE.


WWW = 666 need we say more? (WORLD WIDE WEB – AI)


Who is Obama? Does anyone know?

1 John 4:4-6

Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them: because greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world.

They are of the world: therefore speak they of the world, and the world heareth them.

We are of God: he that knoweth God heareth us; he that is not of God heareth not us. Hereby know we the spirit of truth, and the spirit of error.



Best’s Intelligence Review Hour For 5-8-2020 – Hidden Codes, Secret Things…

Tonight On Night Shadows 5-8-2020 @ 7:00 PM

Trump, Covid-19, Fauci, Birx, Second Waves, Economic Destruction, Comet Swan & More…


As part of the nation appears to be walking out of draconian lockdowns, the communist deep state appears bent upon keeping us all under lock and key, but by what authority? Who gave these people the right to imprison people under any excuse? No one, and that concept as to these “secret laws” and even Presidential Executive Orders needs to be examined and most of them abolished as they violate the very principles of the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and if the supreme law of the land is to be upheld, then these “restrictions” should not have even be observed under any circumstance. But alas, if Covid-19 does NOT WORK as the communists want, then either a SECOND WAVE, or an INVASION might do the trick. Remember once a government grabs power, they seldom give it back and much more…















Busy, busy and busier in the Matrix, and as “events” of one type or another accelerate within the Matrix it seems we are getting more and more mesmerized and our attentions are being DIVERTED from what we should be doing. And what might that be, you ask? ESCAPING THE MATRIX. At the same time all of this is going on, it feels like TIME ITSELF is being compressed, and the days are getting shorter and shorter.

The sun rises but then sets and where did the day go? They slide into one another, a sort of blur, a merging and it is getting more and more difficult to remember, is this Monday when in fact, it is already Friday? It could be senility, I suppose. When I was young, summer vacation from school took forever, but when I am old, where did the entire year go? Time compression would be easy for the Creator of all of this, and our only notification that it was happening would be that what took a half hour to do now takes two or three hours. “Except the days be shortened…” may have more meaning to it than we realize. Or perhaps, I am just getting more and more senile. They say it does happen. The Good Book says somewhere that old age does come along and well, our loved ones vanish inside themselves…

They say that when your parents perish, there is no longer a gap between you are the grim reaper. The grim reaper. I read somewhere that one can beat death, that someone claimed he had the keys to death and hell. But that claim has been tossed aside by most, but what if its true? What then? I guess one had to decide if Jesus was for real or some sort of lunatic. Interesting, say what?

Perhaps the agenda for this age is closing down upon deaf ears and eyes that are blind. Perhaps not, for most say, “are you some tinfoil hat conspiracy nut? Things continue as they always have since the fathers fell asleep. Besides, why are you not wearing your mask? Why are you not distancing yourself? Why are you even outside your house? Stand NOT next to me, for I am holier than thou, and I do have respect for my neighbor. Further, I have not seen you bow down to that Statue of Fauci in the village park. Why not? I will report you to the United Nations population culling department, you are not even fit for the Soylent Green factory…”

The Matrix. The OVERLORD. The prisoners. The playbook. Are we at the final curtain? Is this the LAST ACT? It seems so, at least to me. The Covid-19 of ACT THREE at least showed us that the snake has won this round. His power in the matrix is something to watch. Is it not both interesting and scary this entire global operation was so successful? The world bowed the knee and kissed the boots of the snake. He has hypnotized the world, and this was only a bio-weaponized nanobot, as small as several atoms!! What will the world do when he ARRIVES in his UFO with all his fallen ones? Maybe better not to think about it much.

Medical tyranny. There are other words to describe this. Folks in white robes. “We know what to do, they said. Behind the scenes they were all getting together in a debate as to who should own what patent, and how much money they would make off this global scam. Trillions if we can force everyone in the world to take this poison we call “life-saving vaccine!”

“And the leaders bowed and prayed, to the nanobot they made.”

There is no question now. The overlord and his controllers have made a brilliant move. Trump said it was BRILLIANT. Sort of like luciferase, that which makes Billy Gate’s MARK OF THE BEAST glow under the scanners. Want groceries? Need to see your mark. Have you been tested? Here, take this Covid-19 saturated swab. We want to make sure you have these alien nanobots, they are good for you.

Soon the verdict came in. If you are alive, you have Covid-19. If you died, you died from it. Insanity, but the masses, evidently even more insane, gobbled it down like candy. “Wow”! And they bowed down to lick Fauci’s black boot. In the background the snake smiled. It is such a thrill to have so much power. It’s a RUSH! Better than a sniff of white powder. WOW! Give the stupid sheep more of this, they love it. Destroy their souls, smash their spirits, take their lives from them, take all their money, take everything from them, strip them bare and then kill them, they are worthless eaters anyway and they evidently LOVE TO HAVE IT SO.

And so it was. The snake smiled. “See, Jesus? You lost, I won, and humanity is mine now. Most of them anyhow. They refused your escape plan. Do you see?”

And so only a very few ever figured out the secrets of the matrix, and the total liars and murderers that controlled it. Only a few walked the narrow way to escape. The others? Well, they bowed down and prayed to the gods they had made…

And, so it was. The matrix imploded. The next age began. Another age, another attempt…



Best’s Intelligence Update For 5-6-2020 – LIES, LIES AND MORE LIES

Tonight On Night Shadows 5-6-2020 @ 7:00 PM CT

CV-19, Trump Caves, Bill Gates Rises, America Lost, Comatose Christians & More…


So here we are folks, the New World Order Murder, Inc is in full operation. No one believes the Georgia Guidestones while their fellow elderly appear to be murdered in the old folks homes, the lies of global deep state are gobbled up by the masses like candy as they shout “GIVE US MORE, GIVE US MORE, PROTECT US, LOCK US UP, LOCK US UP. Whatever happened to the American people, now LAND OF THE SLAVES, HOME OF THE COWARDS. What has happened here in this land is so astonishing it defies one’s imagination. However, America is UNDER JUDGMENT OF THE LORD and will be destroyed just as the Bible says as we watch the prophetic word being fulfilled right under our noses. War drums, DRAFT, Trump “you must take the vaccine” and now…







Just as the Bible foretold, humanity as a whole has turned into a mass of fear ridden, panic stricken near zombie like “entities” that have allowed the entire globe to fall into communist slavery. Especially those in America. It is called in the Bible “the mystery of iniquity”, which allows EVIL of the highest degree to RULE OVER the masses of humanity just as in the book and the movie “1984.” We are now there. The elite, the rich men cannot turn back, they must, and they will, place the IRON YOKE OF BONDAGE upon the neck of humanity.


Orwellian Doublespeak – the art of destroying a language – the very art of Communists – GOOD IS EVIL, AND EVIL IS GOOD.

“Orwell was a master of the English language and his legacy lives on through some of the words he created. Even those who haven’t read “1984” know some of its “newspeak.”

“1984” provides English speakers with a vocabulary to discuss surveillance, police states and authoritarianism, which includes terms such as “Big Brother,” “thought police,” “unperson” and “doublethink,” to name a few.”

Some of the terms rolling out today:

granulation, granular, granular level, ALLOW, contract tracing, surveillance, triangulation, military operation, AI, Do your part, protect your neighbor, LOVE your neighbor, OBEY.

flattening the curve; Opening up the country; Stay Home, Save Lives

safer at home; we’re in it together; social distancing

THEY HAVE STOLEN AMERICA – she came down with a THUD. By what authority? How stupid and comatose the American people have become. Just as Barry Roffman found in the Torah Codes he ran, Americans suffer from a “stupidity virus”. We could say that are all and now must pay the price. The saying “Evil triumphs because good people do nothing to stop it,” is now true.


So where are the powerful full of bravado militia groups, who boastfully said “GIVE US LIBERTY or GIVE US DEATH?” Who said, “we will protect you!” Where are those who yelled “DON’T TREAD ON ME?” What happened? What has happened with mass civil disobedience to unlawful and totally unjust laws that are not laws at all? Well, I think the Bible tells us what happened in America-Babylon, as the Lord pours out His Judgment:

Jeremiah 50:36-38

36 A sword is upon the liars; and they shall dote: a sword is upon her mighty men; and they shall be dismayed.

37 A sword is upon their horses, and upon their chariots, and upon all the mingled people that are in the midst of her; and they shall become as women: a sword is upon her treasures; and they shall be robbed.

38 A drought is upon her waters; and they shall be dried up: for it is the land of graven images, and they are mad upon their idols.

The word DISMAYED is interesting, and remember these are our Military MIGHTY MEN, who commit high treason against their own people, this is their end. What this is about is JUDGMENT from the Lord against the American people and their rulers, who lorded it over them, for it is the rulers who commit high treason, it is the rulers who are insane according to Scripture, drunk with power and blood lust, but the masses could have RISEN UP legally and stopped all of it. THEY WOULD NOT.





A primitive root; properly to prostrate; hence to break down, either (literally) by violence, or (figuratively) by confusion and fear: – abolish, affright, be (make) afraid, amaze, beat down, discourage, (cause to) dismay, go down, scare, terrify.

Total KJV occurrences: 48

The long and short – cowards, afraid of DEATH, near panic stricken.

Basically, what happens is that all the bravado is JUST THAT. Nothing stands behind it. “We all live in a YELLOW submarine” as the song goes. YELLOW, meaning cowardice. The word women is interesting in its root, for it implies AFRAID TO DIE, that is MORTAL MEN, but its main meaning is sort of a real slam against men – who have allowed themselves to become, via the communist New World Order propaganda folks, like women – that is, the OPPOSITE of being masculine. You see it on TV every day in ads, where the woman is the intelligent one, and the man is an idiot, to be bossed around. The spirit of Jezebel reigns over the land and masculinity is portrayed as HORRIBLE, and TOXIC, and any masculine trait is branded as EVIL.

This is part of the communist agenda of total elimination of the sexes, best portrayed in the movie “STAR SHIP TROOPERS”, were men and woman shower and fight together there is no difference. The military is already deeply involved with this already. Indeed, Jeremiah is spot on, AND THE END IS NIGH AT HAND.

Isaiah 3:12

12 As for my people, children are their oppressors, and women rule over them. O my people, they which lead thee cause thee to err, and destroy the way of thy paths.

So then where are the veterans? Why is it we see only a few (very few) protestors? And then only a few yelling and waving of flags! Do you know that if these evil communist bastards had tried this even 50 years ago, that people like Fauci, Birx, the CDC leaders, WHO would all be hanging from lampposts for TREASON, but not anymore, for TREASON IS IN, and the Constitution with its BILL OF RIGHTS is OUT. In point of fact we have watched a TOTAL REVERSAL just as God told us would happen:

Isaiah 5:20-24

20 Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!

21 Woe unto them that are wise in their own eyes, and prudent in their own sight!

22 Woe unto them that are mighty to drink wine, and men of strength to mingle strong drink:

23 Which justify the wicked for reward, and take away the righteousness of the righteous from him!

24 Therefore as the fire devoureth the stubble, and the flame consumeth the chaff, so their root shall be as rottenness, and their blossom shall go up as dust: because they have cast away the law of the Lord of hosts, and despised the word of the Holy One of Israel.

Of course, this did not happen overnight, it is a slow slide over many a year, and the root of it all is the insidious nature of the KNOWLEDGE OF GOOD AND EVIL, the root of all of of mankind’s “issues”. Mankind, in spite of all of the screams of denial, is a FALLEN CREATURE, in total denial, in desperate need of a savior, a redeemer.

When you abandon the Word of God, you are in deep doodoo, and America has done exactly that. Our police and sheriff departments have betrayed their own oaths of office, enforcing totally unconstitutional laws and even beating people and putting them in jail because they dare protest Fauci & Birx dictatorial orders NOW BACKED UP BY President Trump and his “you must take this vaccine.”

The plan is working, and a comatose America has walked right into the UN New World Order trap without a whimper. However, there is a saying that will yet prove true: “Treason does NEVER prosper.” And this treason won’t either. ETERNAL DEATH AND HELL AWAIT all of those involved. Oh yes, they may appear to win, but in winning they lose everything. Just as they took everything away from the American people, they too will have everything taken from them. And so it goes. My hat is off to this brave WOMAN in Dallas, who had the BRASS to say to her so-called “leaders”, “TO HELL WITH YOU! I NEED TO FEED MY FAMILY”. Do you get it? It is now unlawful for you to WORK and FEED YOU OWN FAMILY. “TO JAIL YOU GO, TO JAIL YOU GO, YOU FILTHY WOMAN, HOW DARE YOU DEFY MY POWER AND MY AUTHORITY” sneers the judge with a sick perverted satanic smile! “HOW DARE YOU DEFY ME!”

I remember a movie called “The Shooter” who terminated a totally corrupt U.S Senator who sneered to the shooter “I am a US Senator” to which the reply was “That’s the problem”, and then shot him in the head. But now, alas its too late, because now, God Himself has decreed all of this to happen because when THEY COULD HAVE stood up, THEY DID NOT, and now JUDGMENT IS HERE.

Now I ask the comatose shop owners of America, why don’t you follow her lead? Why do you Dallas people not SUPPORT HER? The Bible tells us why. FEAR.


100 YEARS ago, these judges would be run out of town if not hung for treason. NOT SO NOW. These communist thugs, all dressed up in their royal court robes, openly DEFY their oath of office and urinate on the Constitution and Bill of Rights as a routine thing. Their fate, if they do not repent, is eternal hellfire, for they KNOW NOT they are poor, blind, naked and destitute of true justice, again fulfilling prophecy:

Habakkuk 1

1 The burden which Habakkuk the prophet did see.

O Lord, how long shall I cry, and thou wilt not hear! even cry out unto thee of violence, and thou wilt not save!

Why dost thou shew me iniquity, and cause me to behold grievance? for spoiling and violence are before me: and there are that raise up strife and contention.

Therefore the law is slacked, and judgment doth never go forth: for the wicked doth compass about the righteous; therefore wrong judgment proceedeth.

So here we are, just as prophecy says, and these judges and many more like them, become arrogant, haughty, and full of power, like the governors, mayors and country officials. They LOVE POWER. They LOVE to lord it over people, to control them in any way they can. These are they of Psalm Two, who rise up in their iniquity, full of evil, those who even take the Words of God and pervert them:


57 The righteous perisheth, and no man layeth it to heart: and merciful men are taken away, none considering that the righteous is taken away from the evil to come.

He shall enter into peace: they shall rest in their beds, each one walking in his uprightness.

But draw near hither, ye sons of the sorceress, the seed of the adulterer and the whore.

Against whom do ye sport yourselves? against whom make ye a wide mouth, and draw out the tongue? are ye not children of transgression, a seed of falsehood.

Enflaming yourselves with idols under every green tree, slaying the children in the valleys under the clifts of the rocks?


And this:

Isaiah 10:1-3

10 Woe unto them that decree unrighteous decrees, and that write grievousness which they have prescribed;

To turn aside the needy from judgment, and to take away the right from the poor of my people, that widows may be their prey, and that they may rob the fatherless!

And what will ye do in the day of visitation, and in the desolation which shall come from far? to whom will ye flee for help? and where will ye leave your glory?

Woe unto the Earth Dwellers. Woe unto the leaders and rulers of Earth. Woe unto you, for eternal hell IS REAL and you shall, if you do not repent, DWELL THERE FOR ETERNITY.

And where are our illustrious preachers, teachers, evangelists and prophetic people? Why are they not educating their flocks as to what is going on prophetically and rising up in peaceful protest against this? Why are they not teaching the salvation message of Jesus Christ whom they have redacted? Alas, only a few Christian leaders rose up against Hitler and warned about what was happening. As it was, so shall it be, and there is nothing new under the Sun.

And so, to conclude, fear of death and the mystery of iniquity reign supreme. “I want to go to heaven, but I don’t want to die to get there…” NEVER HAPPEN. “Go ye to the LOWEST ROOM and there sit, and He that bade thee to the wedding will come and say to thee, “Friend, come up higher”. And this, “Except a corn of wheat fall into the ground and die, it abides alone” or this, “Pick up YOUR cross and follow me”, and Jesus went to Calvary. He told us all that if we were REALLY HIS, we would DRINK OF THE SAME CUP He drank of. We will be baptized with the DEATH OF THE NARROW WAY or we will PERISH IN OUR SINS, always in fear, always!!

And thus, because of FEAR OF DEATH & JUDGMENT, the kings and rulers RISE UP and do terrific and horrific things to their subjects because no one fights back THEY ARE AFRAID TO.  Who are these handful of RICH MEN anyway?  One might ask that and ponder all of this as America goes down without a whimper. MIGHTY BABYLON THE GREAT now has a sword of the Lord upon its throat and DOWN SHE GOES!!

You see, if you know who the players really are, and you understand TRUE prophecy, then you know that what is happening in America-Babylon is DESTINED to occur. It is prophecy. Psalm Two is real and you are watching it. To rise up now is to rise up against the Lord’s judgment. To rise up in armed revolution is what the New World Order wants. it is a Catch-22. IN THE FLESH, NO ONE WANTS AMERICA TO GO DOWN. In the SPIRIT, she MUST BE DESTROYED. There is ONLY ONE WAY out for the American people, and it is called GENUINE REBIRTH, that is, ESCAPE THE MATRIX, because the WORLD is about to burn with the FIRES OF THE LORD.

However, because of RANK APOSTASY from Scripture, most Christians have no idea who America is, and if told, deny it. This apostasy from prophecy and true salvation doctrine has brought the sword of the Lord upon America. However, because of the mercy of the Lord, He may yet delay America-Babylon’s end a short space – for He wants NONE TO PERISH, BUT THAT ALL COME TO REPENTANCE.










I have oft asked the question as I gaze out of the office windows and look upon a quiet and peaceful landscape, WHO IS BILL GATES, and what GATEWAY is he building? It appears to me that there are, in reality, only TWO GATES – ONE THAT GOES DOWN TO HELL, and the other to HEAVEN.

Jesus Christ brought all of that into focus when He explained to us that we were in a MATRIX, we were in total LOCKDOWN, no one could escape, that we were in a PRISON HOUSE, we were TOTALLY BLIND and also very hard at hearing. He told us that SATAN was the OVERLORD and he was the ruler over humankind. Evidently, we did not like that message very well and rejected it, and his INSTRUCTIONS ON HOW TO ESCAPE have likewise been rejected even by the Church except for a tiny few.

If we narrow this down a bit, we find that Bill Gates is tied to many very wealthy RICH MEN, the very ones the Bible puts its fingers on because it is they, THE KINGS AND RULERS OF THE WORLD that attempt to set up their utopia kingdom on Earth and steal away the throne from its rightful ruler Jesus Christ. “Kiss the Son, lest ye perish from the way” goes the warning in Psalm Two, but the RICH MEN cannot hear, and seeing they cannot see…”

Bill Gate’s GATE is soon going to swallow up all those who take his nanobot MARK. But is this the MARK OF THE BEAST as some are saying? It appears so, because if you listen to the other DEEP STATE RICH MEN and their plans for you and I, and those that Trump has surrounded himself with, one cannot truly get back to normal without some form of “provable immunity.” There are really only two ways that can be done. Either you have some form of certificate from the government, sort of like a UNIVERSAL ID CARD which be easily lost, or you opt to an embedded into the body mark ID system. “The Donald” also said this “vaccine” would be MANDATORY.

You may remember in the movie DEMOLITION MAN, starring Stallone and Snipes that an EMBEDDED chip was used. In the movie “Total Recall” there was an embedded tracking device and a “social credits system.” The movies always tell you what the real plans are if you know what to watch for. If you did not have these forms of embedded ID system, then you could not function in open society.

However, as some have pointed out, one could CUT OUT their microchip implant. But what if you could create a microscopic atom sized AI NANOBOT system that once injected spreads throughout the entire body, turning you into a “worker bee” than can be totally controlled via transmissions that implant “thoughts”, very much like demons can now, then how could you know if these thoughts are yours or not? Can you imagine what a system like that would mean to those who want to police “the herd?” What a boon that would be to the satanically controlled United Nations!! WOW! We know the 4th beast of Daniel IS the UN system, and it is rising rapidly and is behind the world lockdown because of CV-19 via WHO, a China controlled communist organization, as is the entire UN SYSTEM, which is a MILITARY MARTIAL LAW SYSTEM.

But why does God tell us in Revelation that IF YOU TAKE THE MARK YOU HAVE DAMNED YOURSELF FOREVER with no recourse? There is something more to all of this. Yes, if one takes Bill’s Gate to eternal ruin, they may become hybrids and are not redeemable, because of Kinsman Redeemer laws of ancient Israel. Yet there is something deeper here.

The MARK appears to be the apex of the MAMMON/ECONOMIC SYSTEM and Jesus was very clear that if one took this mark that this was a form of total allegiance to the world system of antichrist. Obviously if you cannot BUY or SELL then one would starve to death, not be able to pay the mortgage or rent etc. and would be homeless in short order. Covid-19 has given us a VIEW into that already. Millions are now out of work. Millions are forced into the “bread lines” seen in the great depression! The food banks are now running short of food, and George Orwell’s 1984 is mostly here. BIG BROTHER WILL HELP US, BUT AT A HORRIFIC PRICE. We seem all to ready to pay that price just to stay alive.

The deeper part of this appears to be SPIRITUAL in nature. Mankind is born into the MATRIX and his SPIRIT, because of the fall, in DEAD TO GOD and he is aligned with the world and the world system. You find that back in Genesis, when God said “In the day you eat of it, you shall die” in paraphrase. In other words, GOD IS CUT OFF, or totally separated from humanity and thus humanity FALLS into another frequency realm.


He becomes a prisoner of himself and his antichrist inner “I AM.” It reminds me of Neil Diamond’s popular song “I AM, I SAID”. That song is humanities CRY. Everyone born on Earth KNOWS something is not “right” here. Something is wrong, something is missing, hence the quest to unlock the mysteries of the Universe. In that song Diamond cries “I AM, I SAID, TO NO ONE THERE, AND NO ONE HEARD, NOT EVEN THE CHAIR!” We are ALONE. The great “I AM!”

It is this SPIRITUAL DEATH that came with Satan’s fine print in the contract

that is the cause of all of this.

He said to Eve, “ye shall be as Gods”. Unstated, of course, that it would MURDER THEM and they would die, and be born again into a NEW WORLD with Satan as their OVERLORD. Remember that Jesus never contradicted Satan’s boast that the kingdoms of the world were his and he could give them to anyone he wanted. It was a true statement. This was another clause in the small print that Eve did not see.


The rich men, totally controlled by Satan, are very busy now because science has proven the MATRIX IS REAL and they are spending billions attempting to escape it, and all the nations of the world, and their leaders are involved in it. CERN is a good example. Not only are they attempting a WAY OUT, they are trying to find, through AI technology ETERNAL LIFE. Why? I believe it is because they know on an unconscious level that their time is VERY SHORT NOW, and they are frantic to ESCAPE the coming judgment. Satan knows his time is short now. It is in the spirit winds of Earth, and you can see the restlessness of the leaders of the world and all of humanity for that matter. The nations are restless, JUDGMENT COMETH.  

The MARK of Revelation 13 is of huge importance to all of humanity. It is a SPIRITUAL allegiance mark to be sure. Someone recently said it was voluntary. Not so. It is a FREE WILL, but FEAR DRIVEN choice, of DEATH or MARK. Covid-19 is a FEAR and PANIC DRIVEN OPERATION. It is a TEST. In His mercy, God has given mankind, EVEN AT THAT TIME, A CHOICE OF “THIS DAY WHO WILL YOU SERVE?”.

As we have said before, the STRAIT GATE and NARROW WAY are a soul/spirit walk only available during the CHURCH AGE, THE AGE OF GRACE. It is the only way out of the Matrix. When the Church Age is OVER, God then deals with the salvation method a different way, and it is martyrdom. Your faith is tried in the worst possible way. DEATH FOR CHRIST or LIVE FOR ANTICHRIST. “And they loved not their lives unto death”. During the Church Age Jesus commanded we go to the LOWEST ROOM which was “the shadow of death” of Psalm 23. After the close of Grace, it is a material, real flesh and blood death.

As we have shown you, the WHO’s own website proves the CV-19 is a total hoax because they are lumping almost all deaths together as CV-19. Whatever Covid-19 REALLY IS, it targets those with compromised immune systems, so who are frail and elderly. It appears to be some form of virus AI that recognizes and then targets for death anyone whose immune system strength falls below a certain level. This is some form of AI nanobot-virus bioweapon clearly developed in a BL-4 lab. Nanobot and SMART DUST NANOBOT technology is so far advanced it is difficult to grasp the fact that humanity has now opened Pandora’s box and does not yet realize it.

But who exactly is Bill Gates when it comes to biblical personalities? Obviously, he is one of the RICH MEN. He has tremendous power because of his vast wealth. On Earth, MAMMON RULES, love does not. He is clearly an ANTICHRIST, as are his friends. He is a firm believer and promotes population reduction on a massive scale. He supports the Georgia Guidestones culling of humanity. He wants to set up a global utopia with few humans around and those that are, are to be totally controlled and slaves of the elite. Whoever he is, he is very dangerous, and so is the UNITED NATIONS and the WORLD SYSTEM.


Your time is short, the END OF THE AGE is now here. Decide this day if you are going to serve Christ or antichrist. Are you going to be IN THE SYSTEM or are you going to ESCAPE? Your choice!





The Bible’s statements that the REAL TRUTH lies in the streets and is trampled underfoot by humanity, and those that know what is going on are attacked, is totally true. The real HERD IMMUNITY appears to be a total immunity from the TRUTH of Scripture, and that includes all the folks of the New World Order like Bill Gates, Soros, Fauci, Birx, Trump and all those so-called “leaders” of Global Deep State.

The most deceived in all of this are those who REFUSE to take the Big Red Pill and go down the rabbit hole to find out that the Covid-19 is just the beginning of the Overlord’s AGENDA of taking back the Earth for himself. As Jesus Christ told us, Satan does in fact have a LEASEHOLD on Earth and humanity until that leasehold is up. It appears that time is now upon us, and Satan and his minions are getting frantic in their attempts to bring humanity into its final lockdown!

However, there is another OVERLORD that rises far above Satan and his minions, and it seems humanity has basically rejected THE GOD FACTOR as we move further and further away from the actual truth of the matter. We are in a PRISON HOUSE, all of us, as is the entire universe. The LOCKDOWN began eons ago when the myth (according to the world), of THE FALL and the injection of a VIRUS called KOGE-1 occurred. (Knowledge Of Good And Evil – 1).

It appears however that Satan did not use a needle to inject his virus into humanity, it was accepted by both Adam and Eve as a “must do” in their minds and so it was they chowed down on their DNA changing virus and low and behold, they became “little gods” knowing good and evil. Of course, they were cut off from their creator from that moment on as all of humanity is today. Indeed, we do live on the planet of the living dead. However, you must realize all of this is mythology, according to our illustrious and brilliant leaders, and you are NOT to believe any of it.

Enter Satan one more time. He has a NEW VIRUS for us. Perhaps in stages, who knows. What was will be again, the saying goes. Here is Covid-19. This is the TRICK. The plan of Satan and his minions is to inject the virus into humanity via very evil people, but then come up with a solution to the problem. Create the antidote that is not an antidote, but rather A REAL KILLER that looks for all the world like THE CURE. Create the problem, offer the solution, and get people to accept it as good and necessary.

In reality, if one would take the BIG RED PILL, for all of this is related to DNA, and the alteration of it via ANY MEANS that can be invented to turn humanity into a hybrid, as illustrated by the TWIN TOWERS being taken down, and the double helix replaced by a SINGLE DNA STRAND, representing the NEW HUMANITY rising.

In other words, God’s creation of humanity is so flawed, and so full of problems that it needs to be fixed. The Creation is also flawed, hence the UN needs to fix that as well under Agenda 21/30/50 and beyond. After all, the UN says, if there is a Creator God, He is not only an idiot, He has gone on vacation and has abandoned humanity as an unwanted baby, fit only for the trash heap. The UN will save the entire world, rewire humanity, fix everything and then, and only then, can humanity enter its utopian GOLDEN AGE. It’s simple. TAKE THE NANOBOT FIX.



We have had a preview of that when the fallen angles arrived and told the women folks they needed to be all painted up with all sorts of things because their natural beauty was not sufficient and needed to be improved. They did all sorts of things to “the human herd” to improve on God’s handiwork.

So it is today. Humanity needs to be FIXED. Technology, through nanobots, smart dust and insertion of them into the body will fix everything. The Creator really messed up with our immune systems. It all needs to be fixed. At the same time, Satan whispers into the herd’s ears that we are all together in this, and we all need to unify and love one another and thus we ALL must take the FIX. Anything Satan says is a carefully thought out LIE that always has a hook into it. It’s called “the small print.”

Of course, if one objects to any of this, one is a dastardly deplorable that needs to be reeducated or terminated, for these are they who have no respect for family or neighbors. TAKE THE FIX! TAKE THE FIX! It will protect you and others.


President Trump just told everyone the coming NANOBOT vaccine MUST be taken by EVERYONE. It is, he said in code, MANDATORY. The FIX IS IN, as the saying goes. Watch carefully as they roll all of this out. There is a reason why Trump heads up PROJECT WARP SPEED. They most likely already have it and are just waiting for the right conditions for the “herd” to beg for it. Enter THE SECOND WAVE, or THIRD WAVE, each one worse than the other nanobot viruses. Please save us, the herd will scream. SAVE US!! “Here”, Satan says “take a bite of this NEW APPLE.”


Not said, of course, is that THE FIX changes one’s DNA structure, and they are no longer human, but an admixture, a hybrid that is now wired into the beehive collective. The nanobot vaccine triggers the other nanobots already in the body from smart dust and chemtrails and then spreads throughout the entire body, makes the entire body into a receiver and transmitter. It transforms humanity into a controllable “robot” and they don’t even realize or know it.

The beehive collective is the goal of Satan, making humanity not only nonredeemable, but turns them into unthinking worker bees, doing exactly what the HIVE QUEEN, which is a CENTRAL ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE or AI queen that will instruct them what to do.


Gone is all independent thought and all freedoms along with it. If you are a controlled robot, why do you need any freedoms? Why do you need to think on your own, for the AI QUEEN BEE does all of it for you, and the world’s knowledge banks will be available to all – of course that “knowledge base” has been culled down to nothing but secular knowledge and any form of spiritual knowledge removed if it pertains to the “mythology” of any God or Redeemer.

It is interesting that the Department of Defense and DARPA have discovered the area of the brain that controls religious thought and can, via a vaccine or some other means, obliterate that area and as was stated in the DOD presentation and turn a “religious person” into a “normal” person. They viewed this as a major military weapon. The hatred for any form of “religious thought” is so evident in all of this. Why not put this “vaccine” into the nanobot final solution FIX?

Bill Gates said that the vaccine he was working on was the FINAL SOLUTION. Hitler said the killing of the Jews as the FINAL SOLUTION. The killing of any religious thought of ANY KIND appears to be Gate’s FINAL SOLUTION for humanity. What arrogance these evil people have, what authoritarian haughtiness!!

The ultimate goal of Satan is to retake the Earth and destroy humanity except for a few slaves to serve him. Remember that God took Earth away from Satan and destroyed his home planet (now the asteroid belt) and gave Earth to Adam and Eve. That is why Satan was in the garden. He wants Earth back. It is a SPIRITUAL and a TURF WAR as well.

The lockdown now is almost complete within the Matrix. First the CURSE and the veil over the mind. They then do a MIND LOCKDOWN and the CONTROLLERS within the Matrix, who, under the OVERLORD control the religions, philosophies and such of Earth. Then comes the final lockdown by digital AI systems and the PRISON HOUSE is complete with NO CHANCE of escape. Inject the DOT vaccine into humanity and REMOVE the religious part of the brain and PRESTO all that is left is MAN IS GOD, MAN IS EVERYTHING and MOTHER EARTH IS ALL THERE IS. OBEY THE QUEEN. OBEY AI, DO NOT THINK, BE ENTERTAINED AND LOVE IT, FOR ALL THERE IS IS WORK AND PLAY, and AI will direct it all. UTOPIA!

Enter Jesus Christ, who invades the MATRIX, offers humanity A WAY OUT and tells us all HOW TO ESCAPE. Few there be that will take it. Humanity is so programmed into THIS LIFE, THIS FALLEN MATRIX that they don’t want to leave it behind. Jesus Christ is myth anyway they have said.



Inject an – “anti-god” vaccine and you have won the war. Thus it is, they die by the billions over thousands of years, and descend even further down into the lower realms of the Matrix where there is no hope of ever escaping.

Take the BIG RED PILL and find out the REAL TRUTH. Read FREQUENCY ONE AND TWO and find out what the RED PILL will show you. Escape or perish, your choice!!!

 So then, you must realized that all of the above, according to the NSA, CIA, DARPA, WHO, CDC, and UN is all TIN FOIL HAT CONSPIRACY THEORY and has not one element of truth in it! OBEY, DO NOT THINK, DO NOT ASK QUESTIONS, BE STUPID, BE COMATOSE and you will live long and prosper IN THE MATRIX. How do we know? Because Spock told us. It is logical, don’t you see?

On the other hand, if you chose to rebel and take the Big Red Pill:


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It is interesting to note that although Dr. Birx in one of her White House Task Force Briefings stated to the entire world that most cases that are labeled Covid-19 as the cause of death were not. Not only did she state that, now doctors and nurses are saying they have been directed to label almost any death as a Covid-19 death by their state health departments.


In other words, if the death was because of heart failure, liver failure or WHATEVER THE CAUSE, please label it as a Covid-19 related death to INFLATE THE NUMBERS and keep up the TOTAL FRAUD to make sure the tyrannical lockdown continues along with the PANIC and FEAR factors as well. But why? TOTAL CONTROL!


But what is the real truth? According to the CDC’s own internal record keeping this entire CV-19 is a FRAUD and a HOAX of massive proportions. Here are the numbers direct from the CDC’s own stats:


Look at the total death due to Covid-19 as of April 11th, a 4-11 by the way. Was the Lord trying to warn us exactly HOW the Global Deep State was going to usher in the New World Order?  How does the deaths of 11,356 justify the lockdown of America, the total suspension of our Bill of Rights, the shredding of our constitution, the near total destruction of our economy and small business? THERE IS NO JUSTIFICATION WHATSOEVER.

However, it does show the population of America just how corrupt and sold out our Sheriff and police departments are to the New World Order. They swear an oath to the Constitution  and Bill of Rights and routinely violate it.


Meanwhile, even on alternative news sites, no mention of this gigantic “padding” of the numbers is mentioned. WHY NOT? Why are THEY promoting this gigantic fraud? Paid opposition? Fear? What?

No, this is all a NEW WORLD ORDER operation, called PHASE ONE, a Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars SHOCK OPERATION. Shock the people, see what they do, find out HOW MUCH OPPOSITION THERE IS, and WHO IS OPPOSING THE LOCKDOWN, and also find out who will not resist and find out how far GLOBAL DEEP STATE can actually go in destroying the people.

CAREFULLY MONITOR, then bring out slowly in articles and comments from deep state leaders the REAL AGENDA to find out if there is any opposition to it or not. Well, all of this has been and still is being done right in the face of the American people and our leaders laugh and mock us all, because in reality they hate us with a passion and want us all dead. If you don’t believe this, do a little research, starting with the Georgia Guidestones and the writings of the elite among us. It is called eugenics, OR we could say THE CULLING OF HUMANITY.

You might also want to take a look at the 4th Beast of Daniel 7 and Psalm Two while you are at it.

Deep State then uses SHOCK ONE (Covid-19) to tweak their plans for the NEXT WAVE, called SHOCK TWO (New horrible virus –  X1), and then LOCKDOWN TWO, the end result, in this case under President Trump, is called PROJECT WARP SPEED vaccine, he said, that is MANDATORY and all at record speed. In the name of FREEDOM and LIBERTY FOR ALL, of course, just as his medical masters have long said. See picture of Fauci giving the Satanic sign – America has been totally betrayed and even those who ought to know better DO NOT.


This “new” warp speed vaccine will of course, solve the GLOBAL DEEP STATE agenda for MARKING EVERYONE. If you refuse it you cannot “rejoin society” because you are mean spirited and have no regard for the safety of your fellow citizens and thus, you need to be REMOVED. Not being said at all is how rapidly nano-technology is moving, how SMART DUST (nanobots) will be used to link you into AI and change your DNA and you will be forever lost. The MARK appears to look almost exactly as Ken Peters says the Lord showed him long, long ago.





How did all of this happen, asked Tucker Carlson on his Fox News broadcast. Where did all of this “authority” come from? Who gave the medical establishment all of this power? How is it they could totally suspend the Constitution and place everyone under house arrest when no crimes were committed? Who gave them all of this authority when the Constitution clearly states to the contrary? Who gave Fauci and Birx all of this “power”?

The answer is simple – they have no such authority ANYWHERE. They just TOOK IT, and CLAIMED THEY HAD IT, and very few have even questioned it. But then…

Good questions, all. In point of fact, the laws that give these powers to Federal, State and local medical authorities were all passed basically in secret. The general public is totally unaware as to how much power the so-called “authorities” have heaped upon themselves in the darkness of night because no one bothers to look it up what they are doing or question it. Very few people ever go to open county meetings!

A good example are the Federal “Presidential Executive Orders”, which are written up, declared the “law” and unless Congress says no, they become, IT IS CLAIMED, legal and lawful in 30 days. But who really bothers to read them or even knows about them? The general public? Not a chance, and our deceitful and treasonous rulers know that, and so they just silently heap power upon power upon power!! Folks really ought to take a look at what these “secret” FEMA EXECUTIVE ORDERS say. It really isn’t legal in reality in a just and open society or just because this is all done by slight of hand, by total fraud.  The IRS is a totally fraudulent agency; mentioned as such by the Holy Bible.

In fact, a researcher took it upon himself to find if the laws under which the IRS claims its powers were true or not. He found out the states never even RATIFIED THEM, so, just as the Holy Bible tells us, THE IRS IS A TOTAL FRAUD It is not legal in any way, shape or manner. It is, just as the bible says it is, a CURSE OF GOD (Deuteronomy 28) because HIS PEOPLE rebelled. Thus, the evil ones, the Satanically controlled ones destined for eternal hell, reign with great power over the Earth. They trade eternal heaven for a few years of power on Earth.

In a just and honest open society, the people who do such treasonous acts would, of course, be tried and hung for their crimes against humanity, but alas, this is PLANET EARTH, a planet in total lockdown by the Creator, a lockdown so severe that only a few ever escape. Point being that humanity is nearly insane, sick, totally perverted, and so such crimes against humanity wax worse and worse as technology advances, and it all goes totally unpunished. Not only that, they thrive and flourish because, as the Good Book says, EVIL MEN AND WOMEN WAX WORSE AND WORSE and that is because good people do nothing to stop them.

So that’s the story, it is too bad that even alternative media will not report it. So, it is what it is, and as Bill Clinton said “It all depends upon what your definition of is, IS.

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