Best’s Intelligence Review Hour For 5-29-2020 – Revolution & Pentecost Fire

Tonight On Night Shadows 5-29-2020 @ 7:00 PM CT

Riots, Revolution, Fire, China, North Korea, Bible Codes, Pentecost 1335…




Steve Fletcher will be with us tonight to update everyone on the Pentecost rapture watch and we will get his take on the Minneapolis, St Paul under siege, many other city protests, killer cop vanishes, no arrests, promises of more violence, antifa and the communist coup goes into high gear – small business is the constant target, communist leaders do nothing. This is only the beginning of sorrows for Americans as they watch their nation implode into communist chaos and are too blind to see or stop the madness – the communist playbook is in full operation and yet no one dares to say HIGH TREASON on the part of America’s leaders. This is all a plot, but interesting that these FIRES come in Pentecost, so is this a warning from the Lord? Much more on China as well and much more…








2 thoughts on “Best’s Intelligence Review Hour For 5-29-2020 – Revolution & Pentecost Fire

  1. Excellent show as always! Will have to listen to it again, if we’re still here : )

    Also just wanted to mention how happy I was to hear the latest Borderlands program is a repeat from 2001 about demons. Such a great time for a refresher on this subject, especially now. My mouth dropped open when you started to say they (Satan & his demons) are an invisible enemy; that it makes it easier to control a person if the enemy can’t be seen. It reminded me instantly of Donald Trump saying COVID-19 is an invisible enemy! And then the “vaccine” will be the most satanic invisibility, totally controlling people once it’s taken.

    Hearing your voice Stew, just took me back to the very first time I heard you do this program. Almost twenty years ago; like yesterday. Remember I was drinking up everything you taught and reading the Bible for the first time in my life. Oh how Jesus changed everything.

    Thank you so much Scubie. I love you my dear friend. God bless.


  2. It occurred to me during the show that Obama’s speech of “7:56” length adds to 18. A 666 of course. (And a 7/11…a whole ‘nother topic).

    Thank you for the show! Way to soldier through the comm problems. God bless you all!


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