Best’s Intel Update For 5-20-2020 – This, That and What’s That Other Thing?

Tonight On Night Shadows 5-20-2020 @ 7:00 PM CT





Obama, Trump, Coup, Treason Unpunished, CV-19, Earth Changes and More..

Snowflake Americans rat out their neighbors who violate the LOCKDOWN COMMANDS. Snowflake Americans want government handouts and they love Big Brother and lick his boots. Our “institutions of learning” have done a wonderful job at totally destroying millions of young minds that are now programmed to OBEY, WATCH TV, DON’T QUESTION, and DO NOT THINK FOR YOURSELF. This all happened because parents did not question what their children were really being taught from pre-school all the way up to PHD level. Now they are reaping the harvest. What you sow always comes around. The New World Order is NOW HERE. Your freedoms are GONE. The next 4 months will show you WHAT YOU HAVE ALL LOST. The final apex of CHANGE is now upon us. Obama’s speech told you everything you need to know. It was a coded message. Few picked up on what was said.




















2 thoughts on “Best’s Intel Update For 5-20-2020 – This, That and What’s That Other Thing?

  1. A post-show comment: Obama & the rich men want to tear down the “old,” but what does the Bible say?

    Thou shalt not remove thy neighbour’s landmark, which they of old time have set in thine inheritance, which thou shalt inherit in the land that the LORD thy God giveth thee to possess it. (Deut 19:14)

    Remove not the old landmark; and enter not into the fields of the fatherless: (Prov 23:10)

    Thus saith the LORD, Stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask for the old paths, where is the good way, and walk therein, and ye shall find rest for your souls. But they said, We will not walk therein. (Jer 6:16)

    I think I will go with what the Bible says!!

    It is better to trust in the LORD than to put confidence in man. (Ps 118:8)

    Thank you for the show….God bless you all!

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    A pre-show comment: I just got back from walking about the town around me. A trip to the bank and a trip to the grocery store (on foot).

    Random observations:

    1. The bank’s lobby is closed and only open “by appointment only.”

    2. I am on foot, so I have to go through the “drive-thru” to conduct business.

    3. The bank teller on the LCD screen is wearing a mask. (When I did this last month, the teller on the screen did NOT wear a mask, so things continue to devolve in this madness).

    4. After the bank, I proceeded to the grocery store. Most of the people out walking or riding bikes wore masks, not that there were very many of them. For healthy people, face masks are detrimental to our immune system, as is the lack of Vitamin D. So the communists have us brain-washed to wear masks and stay inside out of the sun. Imagine that.

    5. Walked by the public library….closed of course. At least no wicked story hours for the children.

    6. Plenty of cars on the main road, but a dearth of “human activity.” Stores closed or signs saying “new (limited) hours.” Restaurant-type places with big “grab-and-go” banners affixed to their roofs, but even those looking very dead. The carwash was dead. Not a single car going through. The auto fix-it place was hopping though!

    7. All the personal care places (hair, nails, etc.) were DEAD/closed, and our town is filled with them.

    8. The war memorial fountain, that is typically ALWAYS running, on the main street: turned off/DEAD.

    9. There was a bike store that was OPEN. I knew this as I approached from a distance. How did I know? Because there were 4 MASKED people out front on the sidewalk standing 6 feet apart. When I got closer and passed by, I could see the circles on the ground that they were supposed to stand on before being allowed into the store.

    10. In the same shopping center as my grocery store, there is (well, WAS) a GNC store. It was open the last time I came to the grocery store, within a week ago. I even gave it a mental “thumb’s up” because they had a sidewalk-board outside lauding the immune system. When I walked by today: COMPLETELY EMPTY. Everything literally gone. Not even a sign. Gone. Empty.

    11. Grocery store: my grocery store has a sign up that says noses and mouths MUST be covered in order to shop. I have no idea if this is a Virginia-mandated thing, or something they came up with on their own. At any rate, what I do is, I wear a bandanna around my neck like a scarf. It does not cover anything but my neck. I don’t pull it over my nose or mouth. It is ALL AN AFFECT and NOBODY CARES because, I believe, it is exactly what Stewart has been writing about lately: sorcery. Zombie-fied. Could it be also part of strong delusion?

    The employees all wear masks (except one I noticed today), including one lady who wears a full face shield. I always try to self-checkout and she was in that section. We also have fancy arrows painted on the floor now directing the “one-way” traffic flows. There are MANY violations, thank God! Also, a few customers with no face masks.

    12. Walking back, I passed the local Community Center that had just completed a zillion-dollar renovation recently: still DEAD (and has been since the plandemic started). With a big sign in the window: “WE MISS YOU!” Out front, they had a recreation magazine stand with free-to-take info, and for some reason, they had to put a sign on the stand that read, “Practice Social Distancing.” (Why? You mean, for when people are picking up one of these freebie magazines?).

    13. There were young people in the sports fields I passed by, but they were not doing anything that was “close to one another.” It was nice to see them out there though.

    That is all….sorry, I wrote a book.

    Looking forward to tonight’s show! God bless you all!


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