Best’s Intelligence Hour For 5-15-2020 – 44, 4-11, 666, OBAMA & When Is The Return?

On Night Shadows Radio For 5-15-2020 @ 7:00 PM CT

Is Jesus Coming Soon? Steve Fletcher, Larry Taylor & Stewart in a round-table discussion On the Return!!



Exactly WHO is Obama? Does Anyone Know?



2020-05-10_14-33-54Steve Fletcher is an expert researcher and watchmen on the wall warning that the return of Jesus Christ could be very soon indeed, and the rise of antichrist is now upon us. Will he be revealed to THE CHURCH and to those watching sooner than Israel’s recognition of who he is? Does the Church have a different timeline than Israel? Is Daniel’s 1260, 1290 and 1335 days being interpreted correctly? Could that timeline be a coded message for the rise of Antichrist, King of Babylon? If so, why does Obama fit that timeline exactly? Why is Obama being given access to all major networks for a speech to world graduates on the United Nations International Day of Light? How does Covid-19 and Trumps warnings of a mandatory vaccine to be administered by the military fit into this? And much more. DON’T MISS THIS IMPORTANT SHOW!!



7 thoughts on “Best’s Intelligence Hour For 5-15-2020 – 44, 4-11, 666, OBAMA & When Is The Return?

  1. Two things that really hit me:

    1. That 5/16 is also the annual “International Day of Light.”

    2. The use of the word “Commencement.”

    Thank you for the show! The three of you were hitting on all cylinders!

    Praise the Lord…..and God bless you all!


  2. I second that fema ex official. She opens up the hydrogel mark of the beast and how it is AI and will be tied into satan. This shot becomes one with the person and they will know what your doing, what your eating etc. total control and that is the anti C in the temple saying he is god. Bang up show Stewart. I had been telling you to get him on and to check him out many moons ago. I am sure ya did but there is another person that is a mathematician she has a youtube channel called the rapture puzzle. I think this is where some of those ideas from tonight may have come from. Steve seems to have a steel trap mind, wonderful. Oh and the ex fema official of 20 years is Celeste Solum, yt her.
    Here is a video from 11 years ago showing Obama and Barack as lightning from heaven



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