Best’s Intel Update For 5-13-2020 – That, This & The Other Thing

Tonight On Night Shadows 5-13-2020 @ 7:00 PM CD

Revelations, China Wars, Babylon Lockdown, Invasion, UN, WHO, CDC, GATES

Will Israel form their government tomorrow or is there further delay? Obama speaks to the world on the 16th on all major networks. Can Trump prevail in this massive communist coup attempt? Insane lockdowns continue as communist governors heap sorrow and upon sorrow and appear to enjoy every minute of it while saying how sorry they are – this fraud MUST STOP, or America will be gone forever if not already. Meteor showers should begin soon as we enter Halley’s Comet tail – more to come. Meanwhile all eyes are glued to the tube about CV-19, as America prepares for major war upon its own soil. Who is the enemy? Who is the REAL TARGET? Heads up, as Trump said some interesting things were coming down the road in the next few weeks. One of my blogs went totally viral with over 340,000+ views. Have no idea why!!


4 thoughts on “Best’s Intel Update For 5-13-2020 – That, This & The Other Thing

  1. blockquote>
    Everybody is being financially injured…

    “Everybody”? EVERYBODY?

    Not Obama, nor Trump, nor Bill Gates, nor Nancy Pelosi, nor George Soros, nor the IMF, nor the UN, nor Fauzi, nor Birx, nor big/fake pharma, nor Republican politicians, nor Democrat politicians, nor the bankers, nor…..

    Sounds like someone is spreading “falsities”?

    …not to mention the pain, suffering and deaths.

    Sounds like someone is spreading “hysteria” (curiously lining up w/ the fearmongering, fakenews msm narrative also).

    So, who Is “out of their mind”?

    Jesus said it best: Woe unto you, HYPOCRITES!


    God bless you Stewart, Cindy, Patti, and the “little” (but thou art enlarged) LightGate ministry!


  2. There are none so blind as they who will not see. Remember that old saying “you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.” I think you are absolutely correct Stew about why America Babylon would not be healed. Art Bell said it 21 years ago too (before Alexa) that people are too lazy to get up to change the TV channel (or even grab the remote). I threw the last part in about the remote : ) Too much apathy; frog in the pot of cold water… Oops, too late.

    Thank you for hanging in there. It’s getting ugly.


  3. You are out of your mind. The Covid-19 tragedy was not sprung on the world intensionally. There would be no logical reason. Everybody is being financially injured, not to mention the pain, suffering and deaths.

    Roll up into a ball and stop spreading hysteria and falsities.


    • Think as you please, those who are qualified have said this is nanovirus was manufactured and is a bioweapon and you might want to wake up.


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