Best’s Intel Update For 5-13-2020 – That, This & The Other Thing

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Revelations, China Wars, Babylon Lockdown, Invasion, UN, WHO, CDC, GATES

Will Israel form their government tomorrow or is there further delay? Obama speaks to the world on the 16th on all major networks. Can Trump prevail in this massive communist coup attempt? Insane lockdowns continue as communist governors heap sorrow and upon sorrow and appear to enjoy every minute of it while saying how sorry they are – this fraud MUST STOP, or America will be gone forever if not already. Meteor showers should begin soon as we enter Halley’s Comet tail – more to come. Meanwhile all eyes are glued to the tube about CV-19, as America prepares for major war upon its own soil. Who is the enemy? Who is the REAL TARGET? Heads up, as Trump said some interesting things were coming down the road in the next few weeks. One of my blogs went totally viral with over 340,000+ views. Have no idea why!!


How I Learned To Love Slavery & Big Brother


How I Learned To Love Slavery & Big Brother

War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength. Poverty Is Wealth, Stupidity Is Wisdom, Love is Hate. Hate is Love. Slums are Castles. Up is Down.Down is Up. Black Is White.



When I was an aviator, I was assigned as Captain on a music tour for “Yes”,a rock band out of the UK. It was an interesting tour to say the least. At the time the lead guitarist was Steve Howe and he sat in the jump seat many times. I learned a lot from him about human behavior and how easy it is to manipulate a crowd of people, no matter how large. Hitler could do that very well.  

By and large, people want to be left alone and not be bothered by the petty rulers of townships, villages, cities, states and beyond. So then, if you want to gain control over folks that want to be left alone, you have to do so one small step at a time until the noose is around their collective necks. The American people have long thought they were free, but alas, they never think about all the rules and regulations that now control about everything they do. This now includes “thought control” that is manipulated by MSM propaganda machines. As David Icke says he who the media, controls perception, and perception controls behavior.” It is really that simple.


There is the frog story and it is true of humanity as well. The Bible calls it the “mystery of iniquity” and how evil spreads its wings and casts its shadows over the whole earth. Put a frog in cold water and he will be content. Turn up the heat and he will not jump out, because he becomes acclimated to the heat index as it rises. However, put a frog in a boiling hot water and he will immediately jump out. Slow but sure.

Global Deep State knows that all too well. Slow but sure. Pass this, pass that piece of legislation. Hide it in some other law, pass it late at night. Bury it. The general public does not care. They want to be left alone, but slowly find out, “You can’t do that, do you have a permit?”.

I was on a county watershed board a long time ago. They control the water flows, flood plains, can make wet or dry dams to control flooding, and they can confiscate the private property of farmers or landowners to do so. Buried deep in the “powers” were draconian rules and regulations. This was back when I was in my twenties, in the 1960’s. The watershed board had the power to tell a farmer what to plant, when to plant it, WHERE to plant it, and on and on it went. We never used those powers, but they were there. The point is THEY CAN BE USED WHENEVER IT IS “DEEMED NECESSARY.”

The American people have no clue whatsoever of the SECRET LAWS that are on the books that can be sprung upon them at any time. However, to avoid a complete revolution, it is much easier to “acclimate” the people slowly by “rules & regulations” that simply increase over the years. Slowly, all freedoms are stripped away and then one day they wake up to the fact that now they are TOTAL SLAVES and MUST OBEY the all-powerful government they themselves CREATED.

Covid-19 is a perfect example as to how the American people have accepted the LOCKDOWNS that are worse than “1984”. Not a whimper as Americans were stripped of their Bill of Rights overnight, just as the non-existent Protocols said they would be and will never be given back, for “something else” will come along to require even more draconian controls. The Forth Beast Is Rising.


Actually, this was part of the “protocols” that no one wants to believe is real, but REAL IT IS, and the agenda within has been followed for many years as the WORLD GOVERNMENT comes into being. First the “League of Nations”, then THE UNITED NATIONS, the Fourth Beast of Daniel, and now it is all being manifested before the eyes of the people who have no clue as to what is coming upon them.


The human race has been acclimated to continuously give more and more power to their governments. They demand more and more “services” in return. In short, they come to the point where they want Big Brother to do everything for them and are content. They LOVE Big Brother and all of his laws and regulations, and we now watch while those that CRY FREEDOM are snitched upon by “loyal citizens” who DON’T THINK, DON’T ASK, DON’T CARE but only want to BOW DOWN and LICK THE BOOTS OF BIG BROTHER. If this is true, and it is now manifesting all over the nation, then what is going to happen when THE ARRIVAL takes place?




It is so sad to watch, but it is what it is and cannot be stopped, for prophecy must be, and will be fulfilled to the dot and the tittle.