Before I get into Fauci’s Fraud someone is messing with my site, and people have been getting about an email notice and comments about an old program – not sure what is going on – the ancient blog is about a FALSE FLAG. We have had over 240,000 views just in the last few days, have no idea what has happened but evidently the Lord wants this out there as He is closing Babylon down.


As we showed in an earlier blog, the CDC numbers for Covid-19 are not at all what is being reported by MSM. Then of course we had Birx say they were counting about every death as in some manner or another CV-19 related. How convenient. But why would anyone want to inflate the numbers to such a massive degree, when they know they are lying through their teeth? Anyone want to guess?

The Kings and Rulers have done a lot of research into the human mind and how it works. FEAR is a weapon of control. Fear and Panic reign supreme in the government’s arsenal of things. But to what end? CONTROL. TOTAL CONTROL. That’s what all of this is about.

Don’t get me wrong, CV-19 is dangerous. It is a bioweapon of advanced design. The work going on behind the scenes in nanobots, virus manipulation, smart dust is way advanced from what anyone is being told.


But as Colombo would say, “Just one more thing…” And what would that be? To begin the culling operations of the Georgia Guidestones. To do that, one had to invent, form, manipulate and manufacture a nanobot virus unlike anything the world had seen before. A SMART VIRUS. A virus with nanobot smarts and AI system test. One that could invade the body and measure the immune system’s “health” level. One that could be used anywhere, at any time, like an aerosol of some type. Perhaps you put it in chem-trails, or maybe in a spray can. Perhaps you make it so contagious that it spreads like wildfire, infecting almost everyone on the planet. However it works, it is very lethal to those with a compromised immune system.

So, let’s just say that this nanobot/virus gets into the body. If the immune system is running at near 100%, there are no symptoms at all. If at 90% you might have very mild symptoms that will vary with each person and each will recover. If at 80% more severe symptoms, also varied and then recover. Down to 70% you are in trouble and are hospitalized. Down to 60% you die rapidly and if below that, you fall over quickly.

It appears from all of the reports that this nanobot/virus bioweapon was shaped for getting rid of the elderly where the death toll is extremely high. They even admitted that the older you were, the more likely it would be lethal if you came down with it. So why not develop a nanobot that only targets immune compromised individuals?

You may recall that there have been many a “report” telling us for a number of years that vitamins and herbal remedies were all fraudulent and that did no good for anyone, and in some reports, that vitamins and minerals were in fact dangerous. They needed to be under control. That’s why many an attempt was made to get rid of the vitamin/mineral/herbal products of alternative medicine. All of what they said about this that is a bald-faced lie, and they knew it. During this CV-19 WHO, CDC and others laughed at anyone who said you could boost your immune system defenses by taking such things as vitamin C, D3, A and such. Why would they do that?T hey wanted just the opposite and most of what they commanded us was to LOWER OUR IMMUNE SYSTEMS

The answer is simple – this was a killing operation and these Satanists wanted to kill as many people as possible and DID NOT WANT anyone building up their immune systems! Especially the ELDERLY. Why Granny and Grampa? Because their immune systems are usually severely compromised. The more so in nursing homes, or homes for the elderly, even those in their homes are who are dying alone.

Is that the reason for such a total STAY AT HOME LOCKDOWN? Doctors have warned that being cooped up in your home LOWERS YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM. Other have warned that wearing A MASK also lowers your immune system! Being outside and exercising is good for you and builds your immune system. Taking vitamins and minerals and herbal supplements rebuilds anyone’s immune system according to alternative health doctors. It all appears as though they want EVERYONE’S IMMUNE SYSTEM to be compromised. Is this for the NEXT WAVE?

You have go back to the elite’s eugenics writings concerning USELESS EATERS and the elderly, and how they need to pass on, as they are a burden to society now. All of the HOME LOCKDOWNS, the MASKS, the adulteration of our foods by processing that destroys all of the enzymes, vitamins and minerals, the introduction of cell phones, 3G/4G/5G, all of this and more LOWERS THE IMMUNE SYSTEMS. It is obvious, they want to kill off the elderly because they are simply too costly for the states and federal agencies to maintain.

Let’s move to Governor Cuomo and how he placed CV-19 people into nursing homes, forcing them to accept these infected people. Why would anyone with a half brain do such a thing? Was it, sad to say, to INFECT THE ELDERLY, and GET RID OF THEM? There is no other logical or medical reason to do such a thing. Willful and deliberate, or is there a higher spiritual power at work here that has blinded the minds as to what they are doing and the evil that it is? It would explain all of the insanity surrounding this: TO INFECT and TO KILL as many as possible. His own mother? She is safe at his home. Global Deep State and Satan wants YOU DEAD. In fact they want 7 billion of you DEAD. They have said so, right out in the open. Fauci’s FRAUD is the first salvo, the first shots across the bow so to speak.

This is Nazi to the core. We are watching the RISE OF THE FOURTH REICH, THE RISE OF ANTICHRIST Fauci’s FRAUD is just that, a gigantic WAG THE DOG concept. Perhaps it was a test run, but if so, it worked. The entire nation bowed the knee and kissed the black boots of Fauci and his minions – namely, Birx, Bill Gates, the CDC, and WHO of the United Nations, the 4th beast of Daniel and Psalm Two. Only those in denial cannot see it for what this is.

The second wave, as Fauci now says. is coming and will be worse, far worse. It is, after all, the best way to cull humanity and the elite can say “Were did this come from? We are working night and day to develop an antidote, a vaccine, but in the meantime, you need to stay home, you need to wear masks, you need to social distance, you need to close down all of your businesses. You need to obey us, for we KNOW what is good for you., and that is why you no longer have a bill of rights or a constitution for it was necessary for us to suspend those to PROTECT YOU because WE LOVE YOU.” Ya, right!!

Really now, what else do these liars and murderers have in store for us?

I know that most folks don’t believe in any form of a world-wide conspiracy, and they cannot get their minds around it. I understand that, but it does not change the truth of it. The Holy Bible warned us all in Psalm Two that there was in fact a conspiracy made up of our KINGS AND RULERS. The goal was to bring in a world government that would be antichrist to its core. The end goal was to eliminate the Bible, and any concept of a “God” that existed in the world. If one could erase that concept, one could then TAKE GOD’S PLACE and sit upon the royal throne as ruler of the Earth.

The Global Deep State has won. They are now right in your face and they don’t care if it is all exposed because humanity allowed them to gain full power and the weapons of control. The 4th Beast of Daniel IS RISING, RIGHT ON TIME. Obama is rising. Watch what happens – who is going to win? Trump or Obama? The fight is on.







  1. Per the preamble, I received an email from WordPress showing me a “new” comment to an April blog post (a blog about Pentecost). I received the email yesterday (5/12) and the comment (by Jerome G.) was dated 4/17/20. Weird. It was as if I had turned on “alert me to new comments” (which I might have done, but I rarely, RARELY turn on those comment-alerts). And, even if I did turn on the comment-alert, the “alert” comes over 3 WEEKS later?

    Anyway, thank you for this new post! Helps me watch daily….God bless you all!


  2. Spot on Stew! Useless eaters indeed and the younger people are called cannon fodder. I think they also need to get rid of the older people because we still remember what the Constitution & Bill of Rights really mean. We were brought up in a different time before the Communists got too big a grip on our young people and brainwashed them. I think it’s actually the older generation’s fault, in some ways, for allowing this to happen in our schools. Now they’ve started with the toddlers and Sesame Street etc. on TV has become so perverse, twisting the young impressionable minds of innocent children; giving them “smart phones” & iPads.

    Sorry, gone off on a rant. Just thank you for trying to open the eyes of people who want to know in truth what’s really going on. God bless you.


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