Best’s Intel Update For 5-11-2020 – 66 & 66 & 6666 – MARK SYSTEM & China

Tonight On Night Shadows Radio – 5-11-2020 @ 7:00 PM CT

Best’s Intel Update For 5-11-2020 – 66 & 66 & 6666 – MARK SYSTEM & China

6666 Bill, 66 Days, China’s War Drums, End Of the Age, Earth Changes

This is a brief update as to WHAT ELSE is going on in the world as everyone is focused upon Covid-19 while global deep state sets up their MARK OF THE BEAST SYSTEM via Bill 6666. Psalm Two’s WAR of the rich men against humanity appears to be going into full speed ahead as more and more people are waking up to the danger they are in, which means that the elite must now move faster to accomplish their goal – but do they ever fully reach it? And then there is the mystery of the number 66 that Steve Fletcher has found that adds more weight to Obama and his possible return to the world scene in a big, big way and then also CHINA beats the war drums, and Trump moves ships and bombers in case China attacks. Seems like WAR is closer than we may think and more as Mother Earth gets active…

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Satan is the great WAR LORD, the OVERLORD of the Matrix. One of his main tactics is to divert all of our attention from what he is really doing. Diversion is the real key that prevents folks from ever leaving the matrix and peoples lives within it. The diversions are plentiful, the last one is Covid-19, a sort of spiritual spider-web that has engulfed the world. It is spiritual you know.

Mainstream media is so full of Covid-19, along with the advertising media, one becomes nauseous. Well done, MSM. Covid-19 reminds one of the Bible and how Satan deceives the entire Earth! It was so easy to LOCKDOWN EVERYONE, STRIP THEM OF ALL OF THEIR RIGHTS, and now we watch as the elite keep them in fear and panic, even though it is economically going to DESTROY the middle class and all small businesses. Alas, that was the goal of it all in the first place. No middle class at the end the Good Book says. Only RICH and POOR. Last days prophecy fulfilled under the noses of apostate Christians and the world at large! Amazing!!

And then we have sheriff and police department chiefs and their officers who swore an oath to uphold the Bill of Rights and the Constitution as a whole violating it with glee as they have become devoid of thought, who are psychopaths, devoid of feeling, I AM JUST FOLLOWING ORDERS, they say.

If all of this does not awaken humanity to WHAT and HOW they are, nothing is going to. I have long thought that wars and now the coming tribulation ought to, I say ought to, REVEAL WHAT HUMANITY REALLY IS, a FALLEN RACE. The trouble is not outside, the trouble is INSIDE, in the HEART in the GREAT “I AM” that lies deep within. But who cares? Jesus does.

There is another LOCKDOWN coming. There is another contact tracing coming. There is another testing coming. There is another quarantine coming. There is another ISOLATION coming. It is not a second wave. It is not a third wave. It is called JUDGMENT FROM THE LORD.

It is the Lord’s Covid-19 that humanity should be worried about. It is the Lord’s Skull & Bones and 322 and Georgia Guidestones humanity needs to be concerned about. How so?

Well, The LOCKDOWN of the Lord’s is ETERNAL RUIN, ETERNAL LOSS. The Lord’s testing is the strait gate and narrow way. The Lord’s contact tracing is much more accurate and to the point. Who made contact with His Son, you know, that itinerant preacher back some years ago now that warned humanity something was wrong with them. Instead, of course, they crucified Him, not liking his message very much. So now the contact tracing deals with WHO MADE CONTACT WITH JESUS CHRIST and WHO DID NOT. No favorites here at all. Cold, and methodical, did it happen or not? If not, well trouble cometh this way.

The Lord’s Skull & Bones, His 322 and the Georgia Guidestones operates just like Freemasonries does. It is a CULLING OPERATION. It is called THE GREAT TRIBULATION. It has the identical outcome. The only difference appears to be that instead of one half billion people left alive, the Lord says that mankind becomes as rare as FINE GOLD, that is natural 99.99% pure gold, with is extremely rare.

There is an old saying that says, “What goes around comes around”. Global deep state should have thought about that before they released this NANOBOT culling operation. But alas, they did not, and will continue on in their insanity, and thus humanity now faces the Lord’s. Simple really. But oh well, beware the mirror image of COVID-19.