Busy, busy and busier in the Matrix, and as “events” of one type or another accelerate within the Matrix it seems we are getting more and more mesmerized and our attentions are being DIVERTED from what we should be doing. And what might that be, you ask? ESCAPING THE MATRIX. At the same time all of this is going on, it feels like TIME ITSELF is being compressed, and the days are getting shorter and shorter.

The sun rises but then sets and where did the day go? They slide into one another, a sort of blur, a merging and it is getting more and more difficult to remember, is this Monday when in fact, it is already Friday? It could be senility, I suppose. When I was young, summer vacation from school took forever, but when I am old, where did the entire year go? Time compression would be easy for the Creator of all of this, and our only notification that it was happening would be that what took a half hour to do now takes two or three hours. “Except the days be shortened…” may have more meaning to it than we realize. Or perhaps, I am just getting more and more senile. They say it does happen. The Good Book says somewhere that old age does come along and well, our loved ones vanish inside themselves…

They say that when your parents perish, there is no longer a gap between you are the grim reaper. The grim reaper. I read somewhere that one can beat death, that someone claimed he had the keys to death and hell. But that claim has been tossed aside by most, but what if its true? What then? I guess one had to decide if Jesus was for real or some sort of lunatic. Interesting, say what?

Perhaps the agenda for this age is closing down upon deaf ears and eyes that are blind. Perhaps not, for most say, “are you some tinfoil hat conspiracy nut? Things continue as they always have since the fathers fell asleep. Besides, why are you not wearing your mask? Why are you not distancing yourself? Why are you even outside your house? Stand NOT next to me, for I am holier than thou, and I do have respect for my neighbor. Further, I have not seen you bow down to that Statue of Fauci in the village park. Why not? I will report you to the United Nations population culling department, you are not even fit for the Soylent Green factory…”

The Matrix. The OVERLORD. The prisoners. The playbook. Are we at the final curtain? Is this the LAST ACT? It seems so, at least to me. The Covid-19 of ACT THREE at least showed us that the snake has won this round. His power in the matrix is something to watch. Is it not both interesting and scary this entire global operation was so successful? The world bowed the knee and kissed the boots of the snake. He has hypnotized the world, and this was only a bio-weaponized nanobot, as small as several atoms!! What will the world do when he ARRIVES in his UFO with all his fallen ones? Maybe better not to think about it much.

Medical tyranny. There are other words to describe this. Folks in white robes. “We know what to do, they said. Behind the scenes they were all getting together in a debate as to who should own what patent, and how much money they would make off this global scam. Trillions if we can force everyone in the world to take this poison we call “life-saving vaccine!”

“And the leaders bowed and prayed, to the nanobot they made.”

There is no question now. The overlord and his controllers have made a brilliant move. Trump said it was BRILLIANT. Sort of like luciferase, that which makes Billy Gate’s MARK OF THE BEAST glow under the scanners. Want groceries? Need to see your mark. Have you been tested? Here, take this Covid-19 saturated swab. We want to make sure you have these alien nanobots, they are good for you.

Soon the verdict came in. If you are alive, you have Covid-19. If you died, you died from it. Insanity, but the masses, evidently even more insane, gobbled it down like candy. “Wow”! And they bowed down to lick Fauci’s black boot. In the background the snake smiled. It is such a thrill to have so much power. It’s a RUSH! Better than a sniff of white powder. WOW! Give the stupid sheep more of this, they love it. Destroy their souls, smash their spirits, take their lives from them, take all their money, take everything from them, strip them bare and then kill them, they are worthless eaters anyway and they evidently LOVE TO HAVE IT SO.

And so it was. The snake smiled. “See, Jesus? You lost, I won, and humanity is mine now. Most of them anyhow. They refused your escape plan. Do you see?”

And so only a very few ever figured out the secrets of the matrix, and the total liars and murderers that controlled it. Only a few walked the narrow way to escape. The others? Well, they bowed down and prayed to the gods they had made…

And, so it was. The matrix imploded. The next age began. Another age, another attempt…