I have oft asked the question as I gaze out of the office windows and look upon a quiet and peaceful landscape, WHO IS BILL GATES, and what GATEWAY is he building? It appears to me that there are, in reality, only TWO GATES – ONE THAT GOES DOWN TO HELL, and the other to HEAVEN.

Jesus Christ brought all of that into focus when He explained to us that we were in a MATRIX, we were in total LOCKDOWN, no one could escape, that we were in a PRISON HOUSE, we were TOTALLY BLIND and also very hard at hearing. He told us that SATAN was the OVERLORD and he was the ruler over humankind. Evidently, we did not like that message very well and rejected it, and his INSTRUCTIONS ON HOW TO ESCAPE have likewise been rejected even by the Church except for a tiny few.

If we narrow this down a bit, we find that Bill Gates is tied to many very wealthy RICH MEN, the very ones the Bible puts its fingers on because it is they, THE KINGS AND RULERS OF THE WORLD that attempt to set up their utopia kingdom on Earth and steal away the throne from its rightful ruler Jesus Christ. “Kiss the Son, lest ye perish from the way” goes the warning in Psalm Two, but the RICH MEN cannot hear, and seeing they cannot see…”

Bill Gate’s GATE is soon going to swallow up all those who take his nanobot MARK. But is this the MARK OF THE BEAST as some are saying? It appears so, because if you listen to the other DEEP STATE RICH MEN and their plans for you and I, and those that Trump has surrounded himself with, one cannot truly get back to normal without some form of “provable immunity.” There are really only two ways that can be done. Either you have some form of certificate from the government, sort of like a UNIVERSAL ID CARD which be easily lost, or you opt to an embedded into the body mark ID system. “The Donald” also said this “vaccine” would be MANDATORY.

You may remember in the movie DEMOLITION MAN, starring Stallone and Snipes that an EMBEDDED chip was used. In the movie “Total Recall” there was an embedded tracking device and a “social credits system.” The movies always tell you what the real plans are if you know what to watch for. If you did not have these forms of embedded ID system, then you could not function in open society.

However, as some have pointed out, one could CUT OUT their microchip implant. But what if you could create a microscopic atom sized AI NANOBOT system that once injected spreads throughout the entire body, turning you into a “worker bee” than can be totally controlled via transmissions that implant “thoughts”, very much like demons can now, then how could you know if these thoughts are yours or not? Can you imagine what a system like that would mean to those who want to police “the herd?” What a boon that would be to the satanically controlled United Nations!! WOW! We know the 4th beast of Daniel IS the UN system, and it is rising rapidly and is behind the world lockdown because of CV-19 via WHO, a China controlled communist organization, as is the entire UN SYSTEM, which is a MILITARY MARTIAL LAW SYSTEM.

But why does God tell us in Revelation that IF YOU TAKE THE MARK YOU HAVE DAMNED YOURSELF FOREVER with no recourse? There is something more to all of this. Yes, if one takes Bill’s Gate to eternal ruin, they may become hybrids and are not redeemable, because of Kinsman Redeemer laws of ancient Israel. Yet there is something deeper here.

The MARK appears to be the apex of the MAMMON/ECONOMIC SYSTEM and Jesus was very clear that if one took this mark that this was a form of total allegiance to the world system of antichrist. Obviously if you cannot BUY or SELL then one would starve to death, not be able to pay the mortgage or rent etc. and would be homeless in short order. Covid-19 has given us a VIEW into that already. Millions are now out of work. Millions are forced into the “bread lines” seen in the great depression! The food banks are now running short of food, and George Orwell’s 1984 is mostly here. BIG BROTHER WILL HELP US, BUT AT A HORRIFIC PRICE. We seem all to ready to pay that price just to stay alive.

The deeper part of this appears to be SPIRITUAL in nature. Mankind is born into the MATRIX and his SPIRIT, because of the fall, in DEAD TO GOD and he is aligned with the world and the world system. You find that back in Genesis, when God said “In the day you eat of it, you shall die” in paraphrase. In other words, GOD IS CUT OFF, or totally separated from humanity and thus humanity FALLS into another frequency realm.


He becomes a prisoner of himself and his antichrist inner “I AM.” It reminds me of Neil Diamond’s popular song “I AM, I SAID”. That song is humanities CRY. Everyone born on Earth KNOWS something is not “right” here. Something is wrong, something is missing, hence the quest to unlock the mysteries of the Universe. In that song Diamond cries “I AM, I SAID, TO NO ONE THERE, AND NO ONE HEARD, NOT EVEN THE CHAIR!” We are ALONE. The great “I AM!”

It is this SPIRITUAL DEATH that came with Satan’s fine print in the contract

that is the cause of all of this.

He said to Eve, “ye shall be as Gods”. Unstated, of course, that it would MURDER THEM and they would die, and be born again into a NEW WORLD with Satan as their OVERLORD. Remember that Jesus never contradicted Satan’s boast that the kingdoms of the world were his and he could give them to anyone he wanted. It was a true statement. This was another clause in the small print that Eve did not see.


The rich men, totally controlled by Satan, are very busy now because science has proven the MATRIX IS REAL and they are spending billions attempting to escape it, and all the nations of the world, and their leaders are involved in it. CERN is a good example. Not only are they attempting a WAY OUT, they are trying to find, through AI technology ETERNAL LIFE. Why? I believe it is because they know on an unconscious level that their time is VERY SHORT NOW, and they are frantic to ESCAPE the coming judgment. Satan knows his time is short now. It is in the spirit winds of Earth, and you can see the restlessness of the leaders of the world and all of humanity for that matter. The nations are restless, JUDGMENT COMETH.  

The MARK of Revelation 13 is of huge importance to all of humanity. It is a SPIRITUAL allegiance mark to be sure. Someone recently said it was voluntary. Not so. It is a FREE WILL, but FEAR DRIVEN choice, of DEATH or MARK. Covid-19 is a FEAR and PANIC DRIVEN OPERATION. It is a TEST. In His mercy, God has given mankind, EVEN AT THAT TIME, A CHOICE OF “THIS DAY WHO WILL YOU SERVE?”.

As we have said before, the STRAIT GATE and NARROW WAY are a soul/spirit walk only available during the CHURCH AGE, THE AGE OF GRACE. It is the only way out of the Matrix. When the Church Age is OVER, God then deals with the salvation method a different way, and it is martyrdom. Your faith is tried in the worst possible way. DEATH FOR CHRIST or LIVE FOR ANTICHRIST. “And they loved not their lives unto death”. During the Church Age Jesus commanded we go to the LOWEST ROOM which was “the shadow of death” of Psalm 23. After the close of Grace, it is a material, real flesh and blood death.

As we have shown you, the WHO’s own website proves the CV-19 is a total hoax because they are lumping almost all deaths together as CV-19. Whatever Covid-19 REALLY IS, it targets those with compromised immune systems, so who are frail and elderly. It appears to be some form of virus AI that recognizes and then targets for death anyone whose immune system strength falls below a certain level. This is some form of AI nanobot-virus bioweapon clearly developed in a BL-4 lab. Nanobot and SMART DUST NANOBOT technology is so far advanced it is difficult to grasp the fact that humanity has now opened Pandora’s box and does not yet realize it.

But who exactly is Bill Gates when it comes to biblical personalities? Obviously, he is one of the RICH MEN. He has tremendous power because of his vast wealth. On Earth, MAMMON RULES, love does not. He is clearly an ANTICHRIST, as are his friends. He is a firm believer and promotes population reduction on a massive scale. He supports the Georgia Guidestones culling of humanity. He wants to set up a global utopia with few humans around and those that are, are to be totally controlled and slaves of the elite. Whoever he is, he is very dangerous, and so is the UNITED NATIONS and the WORLD SYSTEM.


Your time is short, the END OF THE AGE is now here. Decide this day if you are going to serve Christ or antichrist. Are you going to be IN THE SYSTEM or are you going to ESCAPE? Your choice!