The Bible’s statements that the REAL TRUTH lies in the streets and is trampled underfoot by humanity, and those that know what is going on are attacked, is totally true. The real HERD IMMUNITY appears to be a total immunity from the TRUTH of Scripture, and that includes all the folks of the New World Order like Bill Gates, Soros, Fauci, Birx, Trump and all those so-called “leaders” of Global Deep State.

The most deceived in all of this are those who REFUSE to take the Big Red Pill and go down the rabbit hole to find out that the Covid-19 is just the beginning of the Overlord’s AGENDA of taking back the Earth for himself. As Jesus Christ told us, Satan does in fact have a LEASEHOLD on Earth and humanity until that leasehold is up. It appears that time is now upon us, and Satan and his minions are getting frantic in their attempts to bring humanity into its final lockdown!

However, there is another OVERLORD that rises far above Satan and his minions, and it seems humanity has basically rejected THE GOD FACTOR as we move further and further away from the actual truth of the matter. We are in a PRISON HOUSE, all of us, as is the entire universe. The LOCKDOWN began eons ago when the myth (according to the world), of THE FALL and the injection of a VIRUS called KOGE-1 occurred. (Knowledge Of Good And Evil – 1).

It appears however that Satan did not use a needle to inject his virus into humanity, it was accepted by both Adam and Eve as a “must do” in their minds and so it was they chowed down on their DNA changing virus and low and behold, they became “little gods” knowing good and evil. Of course, they were cut off from their creator from that moment on as all of humanity is today. Indeed, we do live on the planet of the living dead. However, you must realize all of this is mythology, according to our illustrious and brilliant leaders, and you are NOT to believe any of it.

Enter Satan one more time. He has a NEW VIRUS for us. Perhaps in stages, who knows. What was will be again, the saying goes. Here is Covid-19. This is the TRICK. The plan of Satan and his minions is to inject the virus into humanity via very evil people, but then come up with a solution to the problem. Create the antidote that is not an antidote, but rather A REAL KILLER that looks for all the world like THE CURE. Create the problem, offer the solution, and get people to accept it as good and necessary.

In reality, if one would take the BIG RED PILL, for all of this is related to DNA, and the alteration of it via ANY MEANS that can be invented to turn humanity into a hybrid, as illustrated by the TWIN TOWERS being taken down, and the double helix replaced by a SINGLE DNA STRAND, representing the NEW HUMANITY rising.

In other words, God’s creation of humanity is so flawed, and so full of problems that it needs to be fixed. The Creation is also flawed, hence the UN needs to fix that as well under Agenda 21/30/50 and beyond. After all, the UN says, if there is a Creator God, He is not only an idiot, He has gone on vacation and has abandoned humanity as an unwanted baby, fit only for the trash heap. The UN will save the entire world, rewire humanity, fix everything and then, and only then, can humanity enter its utopian GOLDEN AGE. It’s simple. TAKE THE NANOBOT FIX.



We have had a preview of that when the fallen angles arrived and told the women folks they needed to be all painted up with all sorts of things because their natural beauty was not sufficient and needed to be improved. They did all sorts of things to “the human herd” to improve on God’s handiwork.

So it is today. Humanity needs to be FIXED. Technology, through nanobots, smart dust and insertion of them into the body will fix everything. The Creator really messed up with our immune systems. It all needs to be fixed. At the same time, Satan whispers into the herd’s ears that we are all together in this, and we all need to unify and love one another and thus we ALL must take the FIX. Anything Satan says is a carefully thought out LIE that always has a hook into it. It’s called “the small print.”

Of course, if one objects to any of this, one is a dastardly deplorable that needs to be reeducated or terminated, for these are they who have no respect for family or neighbors. TAKE THE FIX! TAKE THE FIX! It will protect you and others.


President Trump just told everyone the coming NANOBOT vaccine MUST be taken by EVERYONE. It is, he said in code, MANDATORY. The FIX IS IN, as the saying goes. Watch carefully as they roll all of this out. There is a reason why Trump heads up PROJECT WARP SPEED. They most likely already have it and are just waiting for the right conditions for the “herd” to beg for it. Enter THE SECOND WAVE, or THIRD WAVE, each one worse than the other nanobot viruses. Please save us, the herd will scream. SAVE US!! “Here”, Satan says “take a bite of this NEW APPLE.”


Not said, of course, is that THE FIX changes one’s DNA structure, and they are no longer human, but an admixture, a hybrid that is now wired into the beehive collective. The nanobot vaccine triggers the other nanobots already in the body from smart dust and chemtrails and then spreads throughout the entire body, makes the entire body into a receiver and transmitter. It transforms humanity into a controllable “robot” and they don’t even realize or know it.

The beehive collective is the goal of Satan, making humanity not only nonredeemable, but turns them into unthinking worker bees, doing exactly what the HIVE QUEEN, which is a CENTRAL ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE or AI queen that will instruct them what to do.


Gone is all independent thought and all freedoms along with it. If you are a controlled robot, why do you need any freedoms? Why do you need to think on your own, for the AI QUEEN BEE does all of it for you, and the world’s knowledge banks will be available to all – of course that “knowledge base” has been culled down to nothing but secular knowledge and any form of spiritual knowledge removed if it pertains to the “mythology” of any God or Redeemer.

It is interesting that the Department of Defense and DARPA have discovered the area of the brain that controls religious thought and can, via a vaccine or some other means, obliterate that area and as was stated in the DOD presentation and turn a “religious person” into a “normal” person. They viewed this as a major military weapon. The hatred for any form of “religious thought” is so evident in all of this. Why not put this “vaccine” into the nanobot final solution FIX?

Bill Gates said that the vaccine he was working on was the FINAL SOLUTION. Hitler said the killing of the Jews as the FINAL SOLUTION. The killing of any religious thought of ANY KIND appears to be Gate’s FINAL SOLUTION for humanity. What arrogance these evil people have, what authoritarian haughtiness!!

The ultimate goal of Satan is to retake the Earth and destroy humanity except for a few slaves to serve him. Remember that God took Earth away from Satan and destroyed his home planet (now the asteroid belt) and gave Earth to Adam and Eve. That is why Satan was in the garden. He wants Earth back. It is a SPIRITUAL and a TURF WAR as well.

The lockdown now is almost complete within the Matrix. First the CURSE and the veil over the mind. They then do a MIND LOCKDOWN and the CONTROLLERS within the Matrix, who, under the OVERLORD control the religions, philosophies and such of Earth. Then comes the final lockdown by digital AI systems and the PRISON HOUSE is complete with NO CHANCE of escape. Inject the DOT vaccine into humanity and REMOVE the religious part of the brain and PRESTO all that is left is MAN IS GOD, MAN IS EVERYTHING and MOTHER EARTH IS ALL THERE IS. OBEY THE QUEEN. OBEY AI, DO NOT THINK, BE ENTERTAINED AND LOVE IT, FOR ALL THERE IS IS WORK AND PLAY, and AI will direct it all. UTOPIA!

Enter Jesus Christ, who invades the MATRIX, offers humanity A WAY OUT and tells us all HOW TO ESCAPE. Few there be that will take it. Humanity is so programmed into THIS LIFE, THIS FALLEN MATRIX that they don’t want to leave it behind. Jesus Christ is myth anyway they have said.



Inject an – “anti-god” vaccine and you have won the war. Thus it is, they die by the billions over thousands of years, and descend even further down into the lower realms of the Matrix where there is no hope of ever escaping.

Take the BIG RED PILL and find out the REAL TRUTH. Read FREQUENCY ONE AND TWO and find out what the RED PILL will show you. Escape or perish, your choice!!!

 So then, you must realized that all of the above, according to the NSA, CIA, DARPA, WHO, CDC, and UN is all TIN FOIL HAT CONSPIRACY THEORY and has not one element of truth in it! OBEY, DO NOT THINK, DO NOT ASK QUESTIONS, BE STUPID, BE COMATOSE and you will live long and prosper IN THE MATRIX. How do we know? Because Spock told us. It is logical, don’t you see?

On the other hand, if you chose to rebel and take the Big Red Pill:


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