Best’s Intelligence Hour For 5-1-202 – The Matrix Overlord Is Getting Restless

Tonight On Night Shadows 5-1-2020 @ 7:00 PM CT

End Games Of the Elite, Trump Betrayal, Bill Gates, Nanobots & The Mark


News that Trump has now decided to back Bill Gates and mandatory vaccinations for all is now making the headlines – another sign the globalists are in firm control of all medical policy and they do fully intend to force everyone to take the Mark Of The Beast and if one refuses, then they will be removed from society and liquidated. Revelation 13 is now coming into full view – and yet the vast majority of Americans are totally blind to any of it – pray that the masses begin to open their eyes and come to a recognition that Jesus Christ IS the WAY, TRUTH and LIFE. The Church Age is closing rapidly now, as the globalists are now moving as fast as they can to totally lockdown humanity – they cannot and will not back off their plans. Meanwhile Earth Changes and the Sun are getting more and more anomalous and more…



2 thoughts on “Best’s Intelligence Hour For 5-1-202 – The Matrix Overlord Is Getting Restless

  1. Just wanted to say how much I appreciate the work and diligence of this “little” (mikros) LightGate ministry.

    I don’t know how you all find the time to do all of this (well, the Lord of course)…all I have to do is read/listen to things and have trouble keeping up!

    I have been starting my days on the computer with the Zombieland links at the NightShadows site for quite awhile now, and always appreciate them being there, esp. the comments that go along with the links. It’s like beginning the day listening to a good friend.

    I just listened to the latest Best Global Reports (great!) and listened to a Borderlands yesterday. I read the Prophetic Insider a few days ago, and have on my agenda the new Twilight magazine. I watched the “Faith” video a long time ago, but somehow, I am still behind reading the PDF/written material that came with it. On my to-do list though. The Lord seems to put things in front of me when it is “time.”

    I listened to the NightShadows Radio show two days ago, and now you all are diligently lining up for tonight’s Friday night show. I am looking forward to it.

    And all of this without even mentioning the other videos at the “angelfall923” Youtube, and the Frequency books, the Demonology Series (INVALUABLE), etc., etc., etc.,,,,,

    Amazing output…..and more importantly: the TRUTH is presented in all these venues.

    So many of these “classic” videos are proving so true, because they are based upon the word of God! “Why America is Babylon.” “Daniel and the Four Beast Powers.” etc. All happening before our eyes (and people still want to debate about it).

    Anyway, just felt moved to write this…please excuse any typos….God bless you all!


  2. The Word is true for our time. The hard part is connecting “our time” with “in that day”. People will not be able to come to terms with a living prophecy, demanding a choice to be made by them. At a kayak launch at a beautiful park , people were doing well, but there was some unspoken tenseness. Talk for most was truncated as if an appointment had to be kept and interactions somewhat abbreviated. Oh well, no time to talk of the mark today. The virus is real and the mark is a hoax? (sic)


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