Best’s Intel Briefing For 4-29-2020 – The Other Thing and This…

Tonight On Night Shadows Radio 4-29-2020 @ 7:00 PM CT


Virus, Nanobots, Lockdowns, Deceptions, America Down, Psalm Two, UN, WHO, CDC


For whatever reason, people cannot wrap their minds around Psalm Two and NO LEADER IS EXEMPT, in point of fact, it clearly states that THE KINGS AND RULERS are ALL involved in the attempt to dethrone Jesus Christ and set up their 4th Beast of Daniel, the United Nations and make it the only ruler of Planet Earth. It is now obvious that a virus “pandemic” was going to be used to bring the process of destroying America, remove the Constitution with its Bill of Rights and bring America under the control of WHO, the medical arm of the United Nations. If this FIRST PHASE does not work, then PHASE TWO, whatever it may be, and if that does not work, then PHASE THREE will be used to bring the entire world into the final phase of the Matrix – DIGITAL LOCKDOWN, THE MARK OF THE BEAST. Cuba Earthquakes & New Madrid…