Best’s Intelligence Review Hour – 4-23-2020 & Torah Code Expert Barry Roffman

Tonight On Night Shadows 4-23-2020 @ 7:00 PM CT

Mars, Virus, Torah Codes, Covid-19, Pandemic, Barry Roffman, Rabbi Kaduri & More…


Tonight’s Special Report Show has astounding news concerning Torah Code Expert Barry Roffman’s research into the Covid-19 virus pandemic and its origins, and why, when it does strike, it appears very lethal to those with compromised immune systems – and its ALIEN origin. It reminds one of such movies as WAR OF THE WORLDS, in which an invasion from Mars was terminated by a virus or bacterial infection the Martians had no defense against. But where did this “novel” so-called virus actually originate? This and much more will be discussed in a round table with Stewart, Barry and Larry! Don’t miss tonight’s show for the information is astounding. Links for Barry’s special Power Point show will be on my and websites. Here is the Barry’s link: