Best’s Intel Update For 4-22-2020 – IS THE CHURCH AGE CLOSING?


Tonight On Night Shadows 4-22-2020 @ 7:00 PM CT

Trump, Iran, Gog & Magog, Earth Changes & End Of Grace?


While the world is focused upon Covid-19 and this TRAP or SNARE of the Global Deep State, there may well be another DIVINE SNARE that is about to be SPRUNG upon the entire world, and that SNARE was laid by the Lord Himself – a snare that only a few people even know about. The whole world is about to enter a time of trouble so huge and so vast that it has never happened before. Earth changes abound, the USA-Babylon is under basic lockdown, and a vast deception and delusion is about to arrive on top of everything else. It is a time now for internal reflection as to “if we be in the faith” or not. Trouble unlike anything ever seen is about to arrive and so few are ready or even aware.







1 thought on “Best’s Intel Update For 4-22-2020 – IS THE CHURCH AGE CLOSING?

  1. For the last two or three weeks, I’ve had the recurring thought “the fullness of the gentiles is nearly over.” Then I see this.

    You are right. So few are ready. It breaks my heart because of the ones in my own family who are lost, or are not ready. That came glaringly home today during a “conversation” with my oldest son.


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