Best’s Flash Intel Update For 4-18-2020 – Is Covid-19 A Diversionary Tactic?

CV-19, Lockdowns, War, Blood Donations, Military Activation & Invasion


Donald Trump told us we are at “war” and told all about how brilliant this “invisible enemy” is referring to CV-10, but there was another message under that one – and that message was really how invisible and utterly brilliant and genius level the INVISIBLE GOVERNMENT is and you may remember he told us a long time ago that they were not after him they were after all of us, he was simply IN THE WAY. Remember the last days, Jesus told us, would be days of deceptions and lies and delusions, so powerful, so well done that even the elect would fall under their spell if it were possible. When we put together all of the data we can find about CV-19 and the Skull & Bones connection, the Georgia Guidestones, Bill Gates and the medical tyranny we are now under, could this be a diversionary tactic for something else that is going on? Tune in tonight and find out…